Wireless headphones are considered better than their wired counterparts due to various reasons like their comfort level, distance connection feature, the obvious fashion perspective and multi device connectivity option. While all of these features might look intriguing, the heavy prices for the products like Apple AirPods are a huge drawback. And do you even need a somewhat unreasonably high priced, flagship wireless headphone from a top brand like Apple and Samsung? Well, that’s what we’ll analyze in this article.

Just because this article is centered around providing a cheaper wireless headphones alternative, you can consider the topic to be the best Apple AirPods Alternatives (thanks to their unfair price, low functionality and minimal comfort level). So, lets dive into some details.

Best Qualities in a Wireless Headphone:

Cost to quality ratio is not the only benchmark that determines the true value of a wireless headphone. There are also other things you’d be looking for in a product that you’re going to buy. Here are some of the best qualities of a wireless headphone:


    Comfort level is a real decider when it comes to wearing headphones. And wireless headphones are known for their higher comfort level than their wired counterparts. Not having a cable that is always messed up is enough to convince a potential buyer.

Remote Connectivity:

    Having a small to medium cable with your wired headphone limits the distance to which we can move around our device. On the other hand, wireless headphones allow you to freely do your tasks in a much bigger radius and without any wires too. And believe me, a bigger radius doesn’t mean a higher price, there are many inexpensive Apple AirPods Alternatives (they provide less radius) that you can buy right now.

Multi Device Connection:

    Your wired headphones can only be connected to the headphone jack of ONE device, yes, that’s all. But on the other hand, a wireless headphone allows you to connect to a new device very swiftly. You just have to find the signal a click a button, and that’s it, Your new device a linked to your wireless headphones!

Why you’d be considering Apple AirPods Alternatives:

    Aren’t Apple AirPods a great, premium product with a medium price? Well, the thing is that price is not the only decider. You have to look for many other pros and cons before finalizing a wireless headphone. Here are some cons of Apple AirPods that’d help you analyze the product better and look for better alternatives.

i. High EMF emissions:

    The EMF radiation of Apple AirPods is huge, it is so concerning that there  are hundreds of scholarly articles on this topic on the internet. Many experts connect high EMF emissions with some common types of cancer.

ii. Substandard Microphone:

    While many people enjoy the clear sound quality of Apple AirPods, their substandard microphone is something that you won’t enjoy very much. For a quick comparison, wired Apple headphones have a much better microphone than wireless Apple AirPods’ microphone.

iii. Lack of controls:

    Unlike many other wireless headphones that come with a boatload of features and buttons, Apple AirPods only have Siri as the controlling option. This makes pausing/ resuming and adjusting the volume very difficult.