There are a lot of negative things said about the internet, and it is true that issues such as privacy, peer pressure, and promotion of damaging material are all serious subjects which we should be concerned with. On the other hand, the internet offers us some pretty impressive benefits which would have been unimaginable even a decade ago. From cross country communication to ordering online food delivery in Calgary, here are the top five reasons we love the world wide web.

Stay In Touch

It used to be the case that if one of your loved ones moved across the world, the best you could hope for was an annual Christmas card, and maybe a few photos now and then. Social media totally transformed this allowing us to keep up with the people we care about—and a few we don't—no matter where they are in the world. We can share pictures and photographs instantly, and the invention of Skype and Facetime means that you can even stay connected in real time. The world has become a much smaller place, and it is a blessing for keeping our loved ones close—even if they are 5,000 miles away.

Order In

Back in ye olden days, the concept of takeout was pretty much restricted to the local chip shop or Chinese. If you lived in a fancy big town, you might have had access to an Indian, but other than that there was a lot less choice. The internet means that you can order pretty much anything from anywhere and have it delivered to your house. Apps such as Deliveroo and UberEats are bringing our food to us in the ultimate convenience service—perfect for when you are craving McDonald's with a hangover!

Shop Til You Drop

The rise of the internet has also expanded our wardrobe, home furnishing, and accessories supplies. Rather than being restricted to what is available in your local store, you now have choices from all over the world as long as you are willing to pay delivery. This is the perfect chance to source rare and unusual pieces, try out a brand new look or style, and send it all back in total anonymity if it all goes wrong.

Change The Way You Work

The internet has even had an impact on the way we work, with almost 50 percent of all Americans now working remotely or part-time. In many jobs, all you need is an internet connection to allow you to stay in touch with your boss and colleagues, and this frees people up from having to be in a physical office space. If this trend continues (which seems likely), it could have positive implications for pollution, the number of cars on the road and helping workers maintain a healthier work/life balance.

Cat Videos

Let's be honest. Most of us love the internet purely for the invention of YouTube. Where else can you waste hours of your life watching videos of other people's cats?