The web hosting landscape has seen a lot of change in the recent past. Companies now have more options from which to pick besides shared web hosting. While shared web hosting is still popular amongst most businesses, there is an alternative. VPS hosting has become a popular choice for companies due to its many advantages.

What Is A Virtual Private Server (VPS)

VPS means a virtual private server, and it is a server used by a web host, but it is housed in another location. This is a hybrid of dedicated and shared web hosting. Virtual server hosting entails creating multiple virtual partitions on one server for every user account. Thus, each account will be independent of all other users. It is made possible by recent developments in virtualization, which have improved the performance and reliability of VPS. Here are the advantages of virtual servers.

1. Increased Flexibility

Since the VPS will work like having an independent server, you have increased control on what OS and app you will install without messing with the hosting resources of other users. You do not have to worry about any special system requirement. This is a great option for VPS windows users who might not wish to switch to another OS for their hosting needs.

2. Very Reliable

With modern technology, other VPS users will not affect your site’s operation. If they face issues with bandwidth, disk space, RAM or anything else, this will have no effect on your resources. It ensures that the site has a high uptime and load speed is constant. A web host can affect your overall SEO strategy (read more about SEO here). If your site loads too slowly, you can be sure that search engines will rank you lower due to bounced traffic.

3. It is Cost Effective

If you wish to have a web server, the VPS offers you the best security and control of your data without costing too much. You will not need to buy or manage any physical hardware on your business premises. However, you will still be getting all the benefits of having a physical server in your business premises.

4. Great Security

With virtualization, the VPS will ensure that even on a shared server, you are not affected by their activity. The technology makes it impossible for a leak of data to occur even when other sites are compromised. Your VPS is 100% isolated from any other activity that is taking place on the system.

5. Better Scalability

If you expect a spike on the site in terms of traffic or you plan to expand your online activity, it is important to have a way to scale the site. The VPS will help you to scale without leading to any downtime or glitches due to limited capacity. You can scale for more or fewer people, which means that you will only pay for what you use.

6. Ability to Backup Data

Just like any other high-quality hosting option, VPS will let you back up data. If anything goes wrong, you will still be able to run your site. It is better to pick a virtual service that lets you back up your data to ensure you will not lose everything. Besides that, VPS ensures that you can access your data from any location in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.


VPS is the best choice for those who wish to upgrade from shared hosting. With VPS, your website will run smoothly even when it has resource-intensive pages that are dynamic. You will also retain full control of the program and OS used. Many millions of customers have already embraced this technology, and they are reaping the fruits. With increased efficiency due to technology upgrades, and dropping prices, it is an option that you need to consider. It is especially so if you expect to see huge growth in the near future.