Today, more and more people are using apps and more people are using chat apps than actually checking their accounts on Facebook. On a daily basis, millions of users check their Facebook Messengers on different devices, from mobile, all the way to PC platforms more than they scroll down on Facebook. Why is this important? 

By speaking with messenger chatbot experts, we found this is important because with utilizing chatbots in order to get ahold of users directly without having to use other forms of advertisements, and without being “flagged as spam” when someone contacts your company. That’s why you should use messenger chatbots for Facebook – simply for the best way to engage with and market to customers.

Just Facebook?
While Facebook isn’t the only messaging apps out there (you can see that there is also WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, and more), it is the absolute most predominant dating site out there. With extensive research, marketing experts have found that you get a lot more exposure, as well as engagement with your customers compared to e-mail marketing lists, and even your social media account itself. That’s why many chatbot marketers and marketing courses even focus primarily on Facebook Messenger.

Comparison to Live Chat Agents
When it comes to chatbots vs. live chat agents, you can also have better customer and technical support. You program your chatbot to send automated tickets, and have a full user experience, and you can also help make your chatbot actually help any customer issues with your brand or product so they can get a fully automated experience that seems like they’re actually talking to a person. It’s all about how you go about it.

Speaking of How You Go About It
There are numerous types of chatbots out there. You can create FAQ chatbots that are based on a Q&A feature that answers popular questions so you don’t have to individually answer every one of them yourself, or you can make fully automated technical “agents” that can properly handle your customer’s problems and responds to a query of phrases and algorithms, all without having to know how to actually program with code.

What Types of Content Do I Need?
You can use numerous types. The most popular that are used for sending to your customers are static chat that consists of text and images, animate GIF’s, and more, while with dynamic content, you can actually provide forms for the user to enter in. You may want to have some graphics for your products as well, so you can make suggestive up-sells for your customers to be able to see. For example, if someone asks for an ingredient in brownies, you can give the customer the answer, a recipe for brownies, and at the same time point to the ingredient that you sell for that recipe. Keep in mind, that just like a web page however, your content needs to be relevant. You don’t want them searching for crowbars and your chatbot end up sending them pictures of fluffy zebra-striped animal pillows.