The popularity of online gaming is growing at a tremendous pace. Not only children, but people of all ages have come forward to play online games for entertainment purposes. Games like Blackjack even allows people to earn online making online gaming a real value for money. 


It is obvious that games are a popular form of entertainment but do they offer any other advantages? Online gaming changes your brain for the better. Here, in this article, we will explore the advantages of online gaming. Let’s start! 

Gaming Improves Decision Making 

People who play online games can take decisions 25% faster than others. Gaming improves hand-eye coordination and creativity. People who spent time in front of keyboards develop good typing skills and this increases their productivity at work. People who play regular games are full of energy and they understand the value of win. In gaming, wins are equivalent to rewards so people know achieving things can earn them good rewards. This is a good way to handle life.


Professional Gaming Allows You To Earn Money

Who says gaming can’t earn you good money? Nowadays, there are several online gaming competitions organized around the world where you can compete with international players and challenge them. This sort of challenging keeps you motivated in the game and winning the game lets you earn exciting prizes or even cash. 


Gaming Makes You More Intelligent 

As per a research done by British researchers, it has been proved that playing online games like Starcraft helps to increase the flexibility of the human brain. To determine changes in cognitive flexibility that occurred as a result of video gaming, participants completed a battery of psychological tasks at pre-test and post-test (at 40 hours of gaming). The battery included measures that address cognitive flexibility as well as measures of unrelated constructs. At the end it was proved that there was in increase in the level of mental activity in participants who those who played Starcraft. 


Gaming Slows Down Ageing 

Online games have been known to boost the brains of older people making them sharper and quicker. When the body starts to age, the brain loses it sharpness and as a result older people tend to quickly forget things. But, according to a Canadian study by psychology professors Gregory West, Sylvie Belleville and Isabelle Peretz of Montreal University, it was proved that 3D platform games such as Super Mario may help prevent mild cognitive impairment and even Alzheimer's disease.


Games Are A Pain Reliever

Engagement in online gaming can provide relief from acute and procedural pains. An experiment conducted at a Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles,  found that a virtual reality (VR) game designed to manage pain and reduce anxiety proved successful among a group of patients aged 10 to 21 as they underwent a blood draw.


Final Thoughts 

Online gaming is a great way to keep your brain fit. Gaming is the best exercise for brains. People who engage themselves in both indoor and outdoor exercise remain fit and live longer. So, if you haven't got a PC yet, get a good desktop and start playing online games from today and enhance your memory.