Starting a business in this day and age has become very easy. But at the same time, it is also a very competitive world with trends changing in days, months, or years. Most of the people run their business online. And one of the most common platforms through which they do this through is Amazon. For those who are starting out or for those who want to sell a new item, finding a new well-known product might be difficult. It involves a lot of research and labor to find out what is popular in the market and with the people. But there is no need to worry, with the help of the Jungle Scout Web App things have become 100 times easier in searching for the hottest product of the market in any section.

About Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is an application developed by Amazon to help the Amazon sellers in finding the perfect product to sell. This is inclusive with all the research and data that they need to find which will help them in determining whether they can sell the product or not. It is especially perfect for FBA sellers. As they can find all the research and data that they need for investing and selling a product. One thing that people need to know when they come to  Jungle Scout is the difference between the chrome app and the web app. Though they both work closely they are quite different in the way they work. Check out to know more about the product.
In this review, we will be talking about the Jungle Scout Web App and how efficient it is.
Jungle Scout Web App

The web app version of this program allows you to search for products that fall into the necessary criteria that you have set beforehand. In a way, it acts as a search engine but catering to the seller's ideals for a product and also helps in giving them ideas. The web app has many features such as
1. Jungle Scout product database
2. Jungle Scout product tracker
3. Jungle Scout Niche Hunter
Jungle Scout product database: This database allows you to filter the Amazon’s catalog. The filters are always relevant to the sellers and not the buyers. It can any type of criteria that you desire, you will get the corresponding results with perfectly researched content. For example, you have various filters relating to your product such as price, material, minimum sales per month, weight, etc. Based on these filters, you will find products that fall into these categories and you will be able to look at all the research associated with the product when it is shown. It allows you to see what is most popular in the market.
Jungle Scout product tracker: This particular feature gives you the opportunity to keep track and monitor the inventory, sales, best-sellers rank and any other relevant and important information regarding the product that you are interested in. A lot of useful information is presented in the product tracker, helping in comparing and deciding on which product is the most suitable. if you want to add a new product to track you can do that easily by typing the ASIN of the product or the Amazon URL to the product tracker. You have a limit of 80 products that you can track, if you want to track more you will need to upgrade.
Jungle Scout Niche Hunter: One of the most interesting and intriguing parts of the web app is the Niche Hunter. It allows you to search for particular niches or untapped niches. For example, it depends on things such as the competition, demand, amongst other related criteria. In this particular feature, you don't involve a lot of features to find out about new niches. This is included in the standard version of Jungle Scout. It is especially perfect if you are new to Amazon selling.
Using the Jungle Scout Niche Hunter

It is a very simple feature to use and helps you in finding what you need. You have many filters such as Categories, Units Sold on average, Average Price, Competition., Opportunity score, etc. You can set any values depending upon your range and budget. You can change your criteria whenever you want to, allowing you to expand or broaden your horizons.
Jungle Scout Web App is priced at 39$ to 99$ per month. This particular application addresses your needs extensively and helps you in setting up your business career.