Calculable problems constitute a large portion of our lives. Should I rent or buy? Can I afford to take this loan? What should be my proper calorie intake? How many products do I need to sell in order to earn a profit? Often times, we don’t solve such problems, probably, due to the lack of skills, knowledge, time, and willingness to calculate. It is then that we make bad decisions.

Calconic is here to flip the coin for you. It offers online calculator builders that create calculators for almost every task. From trivial problems to complex calculations, the online calculators solve everything.

Why Choose Online Calculators?

With so many businesses flourishing every day, standing out from the crowd remains a tough challenge. However, online calculators are a great idea to bring traffic from search engines to your website. Due to their interactive nature, these have a high viral quotient.

While building a calculator for your website, you must not stray away from certain metrics that are important to your customers. Build the 
calculator as the perfect tool that solves your customers’ queries.

Popular Calculator Widgets on Calconic

Here is the list of certain online calculator widgets that you can use to build interactive calculators for your website.

Area Calculator
It finds the area of certain geometric figures including circle, square, rectangle or triangle.

Balloon Payment Calculator
It refinances or converts your short-term loan.
Blood Alcohol Calculator
It calculates the amount of alcohol in your blood.

BMI Calculator
It measures your body mass index.

Budget Calculator
It helps you save money by letting you keep track of your savings.

Business Cards
It counts how much money you will spend on printing business cards.

Calorie Calculator
It measures the number of calories you require per day.

Car Loan Calculator 
It lets you find the best car financing deals.

Car Wash
It counts your car wash expenses.

Celsius to Fahrenheit
It converts Celsius to Fahrenheit.

Chauffeur Service Price Calculator
It gives you an estimate of how much it will cost you to rent a personal driver.

Commission Calculator
It counts the fees collected by the sales agent.

Compound Interest Calculator
It lets you calculate your savings on your deposit.

Cubic Feet Calculator 
It calculates the cubic feet of objects.

Cubic Yard Calculator 
It calculates cubic yardage of objects.

Data Transfer Calculator 
It lets you keep a count of the data usage during video streaming.

Discount Calculator
It calculates your savings on buying a product.

Dog Year Calculator
It determines the age of your dog.

Future Value Calculator
It determines the future value of products.

Length Conversion
It converts the units from the imperial system to the metric system.

Mortgage Calculator (Inc. Down Payment)
It estimates the cost of the mortgage.

Mortgage Calculator (Year)
It estimates the future cost of mortgages.

Neck Disability Index
It discovers how your neck pain affects your life.

Paint Calculator
It calculates the quantity of paint required to paint a room.

Instant Price Quote Calculator
It estimates the price of products or services for the customers.

Protein Calculator
It calculates the protein intake required for a day.

Quit Smoking Calculator
It calculates your expenses on buying cigarettes.

Rent Calculator
It helps in planning the holiday expenses.

Retirement Calculator
It calculates the amount of money you will save until retirement.

ROI Calculator
It calculates return on investment.

Salary Calculator
It calculates hourly wages based on annual salary.

Sales Tax Calculator (Excluding Tax)
It calculates the net amount excluding tax.

Sales Tax Calculator (Including Tax)
It calculates the gross price based on the net price.

Investment Calculator
It calculates the profit you get by lending money to someone.

Savings Calculator
It helps you save money for your dream.

Speed Calculator
It converts length from the imperial system to the metric system.

Storage Calculator
It calculates the disk space required to watch a video.

The VAT Calculator
It calculates the net and gross price.

Tip Calculator
It calculates the tip needed to be left for a given service.

Trip Calculator
It calculates the fuel required to travel a certain distance.

VAT Calculator (Exclusive)
It counts VAT taxes.

VAT Calculator (Inclusive)
It counts the sale price with VAT.

Victory %
It calculates win/loss ratio.

Weight Converter
It converts one value of mass to another.
Calconic makes your lives easier and helps you in making informed and better decisions. Living in a world that is driven by rational decisions, using Calconic to build online calculators is the best idea to solve numerical problems. Too often, we perceive the world through intuition and ignore the way it can be measured and converted to numbers. We are here to math it up!