Have you been looking around the internet for ways to download videos off YouTube? Well then you’ve stumbled onto the perfect place here today as we’re taking a look at an online service that allows users to download YouTube videos online with the help of the tool created over at YouTubNow. 

YouTubNow is an online YouTube downloader and converter that allows users to download and convert YouTube videos into mp4 and mp3 formats with ease. You can also use this service to download your favourite songs off YouTube and keep them on your device for offline listening, most of the time the only way users are able to do this is via subscribing to premium music streaming services like Spotify or Amazon Music. 

But even after paying for the service you are only allowed to keep the downloaded songs on one device, there is no option of being able to take your downloaded music and listening to it on another device because of the encryption these services put on their downloaded songs. These songs don’t come in a simple mp3 format which can be easily taken and used on different devices, but rather come with different types of encryption that users haven’t yet been able to bypass.

So what does one do in such a situation?
Use an online YouTube downloader that also acts as a converter that can convert Youtube to mp4, and also YouTube to mp3. And we genuinely cannot recommend a service better than YouTubNow. Let’s take a quick look at all the features of YouTubNow.


Unlimited downloads, at all times.
There is no premium section of this service that allows users to “unlock” more downloads a day, no hidden sign ups/surveys that users will have to complete in order to get on and download videos. The service does exactly what is advertised. Which is allowing users to have complete access to an online tool that allows them to download YouTube videos by simply copying and pasting the link in the tool. 

If you want to make the process even faster you can use the great search bar that they have on the website that allows users to key in the name of the video they wish to download and the website gathers data from YouTube and displays it on the website under its own search results. From there, all the user really has to do is hit the download button to download the video onto their device. 

Convert downloaded videos into multiple formats
The videos that are downloaded using this website usually come in a standard mp4 format but these videos can easily be converted into different formats namely 3gp and mp3 for usage on legacy devices that do not support mp4. Converting a video into an mp3 is pretty easy as all you’ve to do is select the format you wish to convert and download the video in and that’s it, the video then downloads in the format of your selection. Once you’ve downloaded the file in an mp3 format you can easily port it over to any device and listen to the song easily and without needing an active internet connection.
Break free of browser limitations
The best part about YouTubNow is the fact that it is neither a browser extension and nor is it specific to any browser. In fact you can also access the website from your mobile devices and download the videos/songs directly on your mobile phone while using this website! Whether it be Chrome or Safari or Firefox everything works exactly the same!

YouTubNow is a great online service that allows users to download songs and videos from YouTube and keep them on your phone for offline viewing. We can’t recommend this service enough to anyone looking to do the above, or to people simply trying to find a good free source to download music!