Have you ever wondered how metals are cut down to give them a particular shape? How they are folded to make machines or to make a special design? Mainly lasers are used for this purpose. The type of laser used for cutting the metal depends on the type of material. Online companies like artmachining.com provide laser cuttings service for the metals. Now the question is what various types of lasers are used for cutting metals for making of various machine parts?

Carbon dioxide laser
The carbon dioxide laser is the type of laser that is used for the cutting of the metal. Carbon dioxide along with the helium and nitrogen is used for this purpose. To make it functional the laser is pumped with electricity to give it an electrical charge. The laser emits a 10.6-micrometer beam having power in many kilowatts. It has 10% more wall plug efficiency that means it can create holes or weld the metal efficiently. It is less effective as compared t the diode pumped lasers.

The best part of using this type of laser is that it creates smooth edges that mean there is no fear of any rough surface that can be damaging for the surface or create scratches on hands.

Working technique
This type of laser work in x y fashion. Mainly flying optic system is used in which the mirrors are moved in x y-direction while the workpiece is kept stationary. This is the best for the heavy machinery that is difficult to move. The laser movement remains precise and control hence provides the smooth cutting of the metal surface.
Direct diode laser
It is the latest type of technique used these days. In this phenomenon, multiple laser beams are emitted from laser emitting diodes the different wavelengths are then superimposed to generate the powerful beam and cut the metal sheet successfully.  It has high wall plug efficiency and less optical loses.

Fiber lasers
Another type of laser technique that is mainly used for cutting of the metals is a fiber laser. The beam of the laser is generated by solid medium therefore, it is known as the solid-state medium. The working technique involves the use of the laser diode. The laser beam is transmitted through the optical fiber, where it is amplified. It is then focused on the concave lens and generate heat to cut the metal. 

The best part of using this type of technique is that there is no need for movement of the object or the laser both remain stationary and the laser cut down the metal. This is more energy efficient as compared to carbon dioxide laser.it has better power due to better absorption fiber laser wavelength at the cutting front.
The laser cutting technique has become common because it provides the accurate and straight cutting of the metals thus manufacturers can prepare the metal parts with accuracy that can make a perfectly shaped machine without leaving any rough surface.