When you’re looking for used forklifts, a lot of vendors and distributors will simply give you off brands or cheap refurbished ones that may have name brand logos, but will be composed of numerous parts from other knockoffs (or they end up being a knock of themselves).

 Sun Equipment sells top brands of used forklifts that are legit, easy to use, and in working order. If there’s one that needs work done, they have that on their website and they’ll tell you so you can decide whether you want that one at the cheapest price.

Many of the most trusted brands of forklifts, that are also some of the most popular in the nation. Some of the Sun Equipment used forklifts brands:

Toyota Forklifts
Nissan Forklift
And many more!

How Expensive Are They?
While yes, the company buys and sells used forklifts, they actually offer an honest price for every single one of their items. Most companies try to upscale their items and put a floating price on it, but Mike (the owner of Sun Equipment) will do everything he can to get the right forklift to you for a reasonable price. If they don’t have one, they’ll even go out of their way to find it and have it shipped to you! You can’t say that about a lot of used forklift dealers.

Why Used?
The biggest thing that a person will notice when buying a used forklift is the comparison and savings you get when buying used. Just like buying a used vehicle, you’re getting a forklift that may be used a little, but can be just as good as if it was new. Forklifts are durable and extremely tough, so they can endure a lot, which makes it great that the general savings can be around 10 grand when compared to a new one. Another thing you can do is know that the forklift you got has already been “broke in” and works well. In order to sell a forklift, a lot of places have to have used it, but it still has to be in excellent condition. Because of this, you’ll get the forklift because you can buy the parts cheaper if you ever do have to repair it.

You can also buy two forklifts that are used for about the price of a new one. Therefore, you if you had the expenditure allowance for a new forklift, you could increase your buying power and end up with better inventory and company productivity.

Sun Equipment isn’t just limited to regular traditional forklifts though when it comes to production equipment. They have rough terrain forklifts for jobs that require it, telehandlers, scissor lifts (which are really popular for construction and even retailers), order pickers, and even power lift trucks (some people call them stock pickers because they’re handheld or smaller versions of a traditional forklift). Because of this, you can always make sure that you save money with whatever you need, and as mentioned earlier, you can give them a call and see if they can get the forklift you need if they don’t have it in stock.