Fotor is an online photo editor, which was founded in 2012, and can be used to adjust and alter images, both photographic and non-photographic. Apart from photo editor online service, Fotor can also be downloaded as a free mobile and computer application, which is compatible across all the operating systems- Windows, Android and iOS, and supports fourteen different languages. 

Image Editing

Apart from basic photo editing features, Fotor also has tools such as:

1. Red eye removal: Red eye is a common problem in photography, where the picture of the person appears to emit a bright red glow which can ruin an otherwise great photo. No matter what precautions you take while taking a picture, you’ll still end up with a touch of red eye in your photos. Fotor, thankfully, has come up with the red eye removal tool that can remove the red eye effect in an instant.

2. Photo de-blurring: Photo blurring is generally caused by defocus aberration or motion blur, but a clear information is not available so as to uniquely determine a plausible cause of blurring. But do not worry. Fotor resolves the problem with its photo editor online feature, photo de-blurring to make your images free from blurring effect.
3. Aperture addition: The aperture controls the amount of light reaching the camera, so as to take a perfect snap. But sometimes it is very difficult to control the passing of light which is undetectable, and can ruin your pictures. Worries set aside, Fotor has brought to you the adjustment of the aperture itself in an image form, i.e. you can reduce or increase the amount of light in the image itself, to make it picture perfect.
4. Change in Background: here’s a common problem for many people, the background of their pictures. Almost all the time, the same damn problem arises, of the background of a particular image, due to which people often refrain from clicking pictures, or the pictures they click are not up to the mark. Fotor is also an online photo editor change background - which provides features that allow you to change the background of your not so good image, to make it an awesome one.

5. Beauty effects: sometimes, the photos that you click are not eye catchy, or the person is not photogenic because of certain parameters. The Fotor beauty effects tools provides the subject a makeover, adds highlights, increases the radiance, etc. to transform the portrait into something beautiful.
6. HDR effect: have you ever tried to capture a high contrast picture, only to figure out that the image you snapped doesn’t do it justice? It is not you, it is your camera. No matter how hard you try, there are some pictures that always tend to get blown-out highlight or flat shadows, or both. This age old dilemma can be solved by Fotor’s HDR processing, which creates images of unparallel quality, by the exposure to different levels of lights, bringing out greater details and deeper colour in the image.

Photo Collage

A photo collage is a collection of photos, assembled in certain or random order, to make a single image frame. Expressing your feelings through pictures is now the most common trend in the world and certainly, expressing it with various images is way better than doing so with a single image. So, here the collage design plays an important role, where a well designed collage can tell a story, share some feelings and even capture a person’s life.
Fotor, again plays a great role in collage making. You can automatically assemble the pictures with this collage program making different types of collages:

1. Normal photo collage.
2. Collage that gives a Mosaic effect.
3. Collage which gives a paint effect.
4. Small pictures set in order, to make a striking image.
5. Funky collage with blending effect on images.

You can create something really amazing when you combine Fotor’s photo editor’s great features with its collage maker, which is indeed very popular. A custom aspect ratio was also added in its collage function recently, which makes it more vulnerable for use.

Graphic Design

In the era of technology, graphic design is playing an important role. Graphic designing is the skill or art of combining texts and pictures to communicate to your audience the visual representation of you ideas or messages. 
The graphic designing field is emerging as one of the most valuable careers of the new age, where the important benefits are:

1. Expressing your creativity.
2. Huge client base.
3. Freelance potential.
4. Work in-house.
5. Easy to get into.

Fotor has a whole module dedicated towards graphic design. The graphic design trend 2019 is set at an all new level, where people are enthusiastically pursuing this as a wider career option. Fotor helps you make your graphic designes better and stronger with new updates. In just a few clicks, your graphics can turn into a remarkable piece of art. 

Fotor provides you with the customized design options for various renowned websites, checking the compatibility of the websites as well with the quality of your design. The massive options include making of twitter covers, youtube channel art, facebook covers, youtube thumbnails, and many more.

Here’s What I Think about Fotor?

As an online photo editing software, Fotor provides very powerful tools make my photos the best. Thanks to Fotor, my style abounds in each image and the features I like the most is that I can edit, add effects, retouch and add filters to my images along with frames and texts, making my work a unique one.

Another thing that I like about Fotor is that, it is very effective and is very easy to use. Its sticker library and overlay features are also extensive and its cloud is essential for keeping my work organized.
The most astonishing feature is, “IT IS ABSOLUTELY FREE” and “WORK CAN BE DONE ONLINE”.