Whenever we open some e-commerce site, we always find a search box in it. Have you ever wondered how it works and how it provides benefits to the merchant operating that particular site? It is not helpful for the business owner but customers also get benefits through the search box. This is because he can easily find the product result, he is looking for and then saves his time in searching for the relevant product. Therefore, once the product is displayed, he checks and places the order. 

Now the question is how the search box work? It is all because of the presence of the search suite software that helps in keeping the website search organized and benefits the visitors. The key features that make the software reliable for the merchants and useful for the customers are

Provision Of Instant Search
The basic tool present in the software that helps in the instant provision of the product. According to reports more than 40% audience when reaching to the site click on the search box to find the product while another scroll up and down to search the item they are looking for. Therefore, it is important to search box be present on all pages of the site so that the user can immediately access it and write the product name. Even the software facilitates the customer to directly add the product to cart from the search box.

Adjustable Setting Features
Most search software provides the facility to adjust these setting according to the need of the site. For example, the user can set the search result ranker, change the timeout connection, port host or index path. Along with generating the configuration directly from the backend. The user can change the configuration or use the software with default settings depending on the need of the site. It helps in integration and configuration of the settings. You can adjust setting according to your need or according to the market strategies.

Autocomplete feature
Through this feature, the users don’t need to write the whole name of product again rather they just write the first letter the product automatically appears. In a similar way the price, product name, product image, SKU and description appears automatically in search pop-up window. The auto search can be delayed or its timing is set according to the server load.

Mobile friendly
The search utility is beneficial not only for the desktop but also for mobile users. The mobile responsive design makes it user-friendly for those who use the mobile for this purpose.

Search suite the ultimate solution for your e-commerce business that help you solving the problem related to the search. It helps in improving the onsite search, provide the suggestion when you type some text and provide the exact results for the questions that are asked through this platform. The user-friendly interface allows the user to use the tools and utilize this utility for organizing the site.