Business owners may not always appreciate the convenience that a commercial washing machine offers until it decides to give up the ghost. It can be a nuisance when your coin-operated washing machine or industrial-sized washer suddenly malfunctions.

When your livelihood depends on coin-operated or large-capacity washing machines, it is vital that regular maintenance and repairs (if needed) are done. Running a laundromat with industrial type machines require ongoing maintenance to prevent losing valuable customers or loss of income.

The primary type of issues with faulty washing machines:

1. The washing machine fails to spin

In the event of a washing machine not spinning, it could be due to a defective lid plunger, lid switch, cut wires or burned-out spin solenoid. Since it could be problematic to find the underlying issue quickly, it may be best to contact a professional to locate the problem and assist you with the repair.

2. The washing machine is vibrating excessively

When a washing machine is not levelled correctly, it may shake or vibrate violently. Another possible issue could be an indication of worn snubber pads or damper pads. 

3. Water is not draining as it should be

When a washing machine is not draining suitably, it’s usually not a good sign. When the machine is continuously retaining water, the root of the problem could be due to a defective pump, worn drive belt or clogged hose. Some of these are not costly repairs, but if not sorted swiftly and the machine stays in use, it could lead to more significant problems, i.e. a burnt motor. Therefore, it is crucial that you do not attempt to fix the issue yourself but instead contact a professional that specialises in Commercial and Industrial washing machine repairs.

4. The washing machine is leaking water

A leaking washing machine could be due to excess soap, loose hoses, drain pipe clogs or leaking tubs or pumps. 

When your commercial or Industrial washing machine/s packs up, it is not recommended that you try to fix the issue yourself as you could end up making the problem worse. A professional washing repair company has Technicians that are experienced and skilled to repair all types of washing machines, including: 

Top-loading washing machines
Front-loading washing machines
Stackable washing machines

When your commercial laundry equipment malfunctions or breaks down, it could be a significant setback for your business. Always ensure your equipment is serviced regularly to obtain an accurate service report on the condition and functionality of the machines.

The repair company can provide you with a quote for any repairs needed. By having your equipment serviced timeously and using a professional company with trained Technicians to fix any potential problems you could save yourself the time and effort. Not only could you be avoiding pricey repairs in future as a result of not maintaining your equipment adequately, but you could also end up impacting your business negatively by losing customers and income in the process.