When it comes to reliability and performance, wired networks do tend to perform better than wireless. However, they can be costly to set up; particularly if you have a lot of users who need to be connected. Therefore, wireless LAN connections tend to be the most popular choice for businesses.

While they may not be the most reliable option, there are ways to improve a wireless LAN’s performance. Here, you’ll discover 3 of the best ways you can improve your connection. 

1. Consider using WPA enterprise mode
Improving the performance of your wireless LAN isn’t just about improving its speed. You should also look into how secure the wireless network is. The majority of wireless networks these days use WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) protection. However, WPA which uses a pre-shared key isn’t always the safest option. 

If you’re looking to improve your Wi-Fi protection, particularly if you’re a large business, it’s worth looking into WPA Enterprise mode. This requires each user on the network to have their own personal password and username in order to connect to the internet. 

2. Take advantage of wireless management services
If you’re looking for a good all-round solution to improve the performance of your wireless LAN, using wireless management services from a company such as Redcentric is highly recommended. These services provide a lot of benefits, including high-grade security, optimised wireless networking and reduced overheads.

If there is a problem, it will be quickly identified and fixed before it can cause any further issues. You’ll also have access to the fastest speeds at all times. 

3. Upgrade to the latest equipment
If your wireless LAN is running slow, it could be a problem with your equipment. Older hardware isn’t going to be giving you the best performance. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you upgrade to the latest equipment. It may seem like a large expense, but upgrading your hardware will significantly boost performance, particularly if it hasn’t been updated for some time. This in turn will help to boost efficiency and help you to save costs.

Overall, there are lots of ways you can enhance the performance of your wireless LAN. The above are 3 of the best tips you can follow right now. Making sure your connection is both secure and speedy will help your business to run much more efficiently.