The internet is always in a developing and evolving state and therefore it continues to be in a state of flux and change. It has grown quite rapidly in terms of usage and also in terms of new technology. There have been some game changers as far as the growth and evolution are concerned. There are many reasons to believe that the mobile technology has been one of the biggest game changers as far as the use of internet is concerned. This has led to the rapidly evolving and developing world of mobile applications. Mobile based applications were not heard of even around ten years back. The first ripples in the mobile application industry began perhaps in 2002 when Apple made the first invention. However, the growth phase perhaps started from 2007 and today within a span of 12 years, mobile applications have almost invaded each and every mobile phone user in the world. There are hardly any mobile phones that do not have apps and in many phones users have to struggle with memory space because of the number of mobile apps that they are using. 

The Growth Of Mobile Application Business

This also has led to the tremendous and mind-boggling growth of mobile app developers across the world. The availability of various open-ended tools for making mobile apps has made it possible even for individuals to get into the development of mobile applications. This has well and truly made mobile app developed broad-based in more ways than one. Today, anybody sitting in some remote corner of the world having access to some open-ended tools, good internet connectivity and a mobile phone can easily start developing his or her mobile applications. Yes, in some cases they also would need a good laptop or personal computer and these are also available and very competitive and affordable prices. All these coupled with the massive increase in demand for various mobile applications has seen the proliferation of different types of mobile app developers. 

We are now happy to share some obvious advantages and benefits associated with mobile applications for the benefits of customers. We also will be talking about some downsides about the use of these applications. We need to understand this again the background information that in 2019 the total number of mobile phone users across the world would reach a staggering figure of around 5.10 billion and it will continue to grow in a healthy fashion over the next few decades and years.  


It can help develop your business. Even if you are running a small home-based business there is no doubt that mobile applications can come in very handy. High online visibility is important and if you have team running the business, then they should be well organized, well informed and have the right tools to develop their business. In all the above factors, there is no doubt that mobile phone applications could come in very handy to say the least. 

You have tools for project management. Building a mobile application is quite easy. If you pay a visit to sites like, there are reasons to believe that you will find it how easy it is to build applications for mobile use within a short period of time. 

Continuous Availability

When you are running a business you need to be continuously in touch with customers and towards this objective there are reasons to believe that choosing a good mobile application is of paramount importance. While iOS based applications are also good, many people who are into small businesses believe that it would make much better sense to go in for low cost android applications. They are also easy to use and customer friendly. 

Apart from the above there are also other benefits and advantages such as cloud synchronization and other such things. 


On the other hand there are some downsides like poor customer support, high cost of building applications, quality inconsistencies and unreliability and other such things that cannot be ignore.