Not many people are aware of the danger that electromagnetic field radiation, more commonly referred to as EMF, poses. Even fewer realise that we are all exposed to it regularly since most electronic devices today, ranging from smartphones to laptops, are sources of EMF radiation. And while it may not necessarily be possible to eliminate their existence from our daily lives completely, there are ways in which we can reduce our exposure, and in turn, the undesirable effects that the radiation can have. 

What exactly is EMF?

As its name suggests, electromagnetic fields are comprised of both magnetic and electrical fields that are situated in a perpendicular manner and travel on a waveform that is invisible to the naked eye. They are usually produced by devices or items that possess an electrical current, and the danger that radiation poses depends on a few factors such as the frequency, strength and duration of exposure. 

How can we reduce our exposure to EMF radiation?

Despite the fact that we are always going to be exposed to electromagnetic field radiation in one form or another, there are still ways in which we can reduce our exposure and prevent its harmful effects from occurring. 

  • Proximity. Distance plays a big part in minimising our exposure towards EMF radiation, and one of the best preventative measures that we can take is not to stay too close to appliances or devices that emit this type of radiation. As small as it might appear to be to use a laptop on a table rather than have it sit on your lap or to opt for earphones when communicating over your mobile device, it can go a long way toward keeping us safe from its harmful effects.
  • Time. While many of us generally have to use electronic devices that emit EMF radiation daily to accomplish our tasks and responsibilities, it’s always good standard practice to set a reasonable time for their use. By limiting the duration for which we use these devices, we are better able to limit our exposure to electromagnetic radiation.
  • Shielding items. With the hazard that electromagnetic field radiation yields, it makes sense to invest in items that can shield us from their harmful effects. Many companies today like offer a wide selection of different EMF protective items, ranging from cell phone shields to accessories such as pendants and necklaces. While it may sound like an additional expense that we would rather be without, it can make all the difference in keeping us safe and protected from EMF radiation. 

With the sheer number of sources that emit electromagnetic field radiation, it pays to take some safety precautions. After all, our physical health and well-being are on the line. By taking the time to familiarise yourself with EMF and taking precautions and measures that will help you minimise your exposure to the radiation that it releases, you’re not only going to keep yourself better protected, but you’ll also stay a lot healthier in the process too.