If you just gave your child a Smartphone or Tablet and you had been avoiding it for some time, you probably have doubts about the type of content that you are going to consume. However, at present, there are parental control applications for mobile devices that guarantee secure access. 

Moving children away from new technologies is a mistake. If before he was born with a bread under his arm, now he is born with a mobile phone. And although we think it may be an unsafe environment for them, this type of devices, well used, are very useful tools in the education sector. Therefore, today we bring you a collection of the 5 best parental control apps. With them, it is the parents who decide what to see and how they see it, avoiding access to inappropriate pages.

One of the most successful apps for its usefulness is FamilyTime. It is an application that allows you to monitor and manage the activities that children carry out on devices with Internet access. This app lets parents have a look at the contact book of their kids and let them see all the details saved including the email addresses, contacts, links to social profiles and much more.

With that, they can also monitor the SMS history with the complete communication thread just as these appear on their kids’ device. Apart from contact monitoring the app helps parents blocking the use of applications, and enable parents to keep their kids away for inappropriate content simply by enabling safe search option for them or by implementing internet filters. At last parents can manage their kids’ screen time and allows parents to block their device for a certain period of time. 

2. Norton Family

This application allows to exercise parental supervision by having access to the activity of your children and being able to detect bad habits and uses. Parents can thus prohibit sites or applications not recommended for young users, by studying their behaviours. This tool is particularly interesting to discreetly monitor your children without too many restrictions.

It also has a geographical monitoring process, allowing to locate the smartphones of your children. This Android Parental Control app is used as a paid subscription after the free trial period.

3. Kid's Place

This application is designed for those parents who leave their children with their own phone. It allows creating different profiles, in case of having more than one child, and what it does is that it transforms the usual interface of the device showing only those applications that have been configured for that profile. It allows restricting the use of the internet, blocking calls and allowing the child to download applications. It is an ideal app for the little ones.

4. Mcafee Family Protection 

This application, available for both Android and iOS, allows to block inappropriate content and establishes time limits on the use of the devices. Just install it on the minor's phone to know all its activity on social networks (premium version), messages, web pages on which they navigate.

5. Kaspersky Safe Kids 

The goal of this application is to keep track of the time and behaviour your children have when they use a smartphone. The app is free, but it also offers a Premium plan that gets some interesting features. In addition to the basic functions, such as monitoring the activity of the device when receiving daily reports that include the search history and web history, when you hire the Premium plan you can manage the use your children give it, since it allows you to put the device Paused instantly, manually approve applications and set schedules.

If you like our list of 5 best parental control apps, leave us a comment. Happy parenting!