Twitter is an incredible app that is used largely for many purposes. Many people on Twitter follow others but often people complaint about the absence of knowing who unfollows you in this app. Today, we will learn the secret of how to know about people who unfollow. 

What is Twitter?

This social media platform is extremely renowned and a lot many people use this application to speak to different people and convey messages through ‘tweets.’ Earlier, these ‘tweet’s had a word limit of 140 characters but now it has been doubled for many languages including English.

This is basically a news platform wherein many politicians, actors, persons, and others, base their opinions and interact with their followers through ‘tweets.” Anyone who followers you on Twitter is likely to view these tweets. This can also be used as a micro-blogging website. 

Why are followers on Twitter important?

When people unfollow you, you lose your popularity. You must have heard that one of the best ways to get famous on social media is to have lump sum popularity that can only take place with the help of followers. Followers help you bring more followers too, with the help of likes, comments that they contribute to your page. In this way, it becomes important for you to have followers.

This is when people unfollowing you might start to bother you and you would want to know who unfollows you so that you are able to know who do not take interests in your tweets and twitter activities any longer. 

What can you do about people who unfollow you on Twitter?

If you have a question in mind, “who unfollowed me on twitter”, you can now answer to it with the best twitter unfollow tool ever that will help you to understand who unfollows you on twitter anywhere and anytime. 

This twitter unfollow tool will help you to track people who unfollow you so that you are able to know who you are losing from your profile. One of the best twitter unfollow tool that will help you with this, is Circleboom. 

What is CircleBoom?

Circleboom is a twitter management tool that helps you to keep a track of people who unfollow you. Also, if you want to unfollow a few people this app will help you do that too. Apart from this, it also helps you to strengthen your social circle by removing fake accounts, spammers, hackers and more and building a more strong and genuine network of people to keep your twitter id safe and protected. 

The app has a wide list of features that can act as very beneficial for your twitter id and serve you many purposes. In this way, you can boom your circle in Twitter and make it more interesting. 

Apart from this, one of the most fascinating thing about this app is its ability to provide a plethora of price plans to its clients. These price plans can help clients choose from them one which is most suitable according to their budget and preferences. This is in turn is very useful for the clients and acts as a plus point while using the app. 

How does CircleBoom help you as an unfollow tool?

1. In case you have been too busy these days and want to now know who follows you back and who doesn’t, you can make use of CircleBoom to know about it. This app helps you to get into the depth of your twitter account and followers and quickly prepares an analysis of who follows you and who doesn’t. In this way, you do not have to open every profile to check if they are following back as this is doing it for you in a more efficient manner. 

2. Fake accounts, hackers and spammers can be really hazardous to your twitter account. It is always wise to either unfollow them or have them unfollow you on twitter. In case you notice the growing fake accounts, hackers and spammers on your twitter account, you can immediately get rid of them by unfollowing them via Circleboom. This makes your work hassle free, quick and convenient. This also in a way releases the stress of having hazardous accounts and profiles follow you.
3. This best twitter unfollow tool also helps you to unfollow those who are inactive on Twitter. If a twitter account that follows you stays inactive for more than 60 days, this app will show it as inactive so that you can unfollow them at any given time at your comfort. This helps you to remove unnecessary accounts from your twitter account so that they are able to make your profile stronger and more active. 

4. Some profiles/accounts may really bother you as they are too active, too noisy for your social media app that causes annoyance in you. It is always better to remove such accounts from your profile and keep your feed clean and at peace. With the help of Circleboom, you can remove these talkative accounts and enjoy a comforting space with the help of this Twitter unfollow tool. 
5. If you have questions in your mind like “who unfollowed me on twitter?” Circleboom can answer it for you. With the help of this app you are not able to read and keep a track of all people who unfollow you so that you do not have to follow people you do not want to unnecessarily. In this way, it helps you to know about those who have decreased taking interest in you and more. 

In this way, CircleBoom proves to be one of the best twitter unfollow tool in the recent times and makes the app very useful and worth it for all its users. The cost is also very reasonable, infact the best out of all the other tools as it offers everything and more at half the price than others. 

Overall, it is quite good and may serve you some incredible purposes as a twitter unfollow tool. We recommend you to use this app for sure.