Are you starting your own blog or a make a living via writing? Now It's easy to get a writing job on the freelancer websites for a beginner. However, lots of writers get confused on how to write interesting posts? Well, you need to keep in mind that what can make your writing becomes something fun to do is actually your freedom from restriction. Be out of the box and you do not need to always follow other bloggers’ rules. Well, here are some simple tips to convince you that writing a good post is not as hard as you think!

#1. Write about Things You Like the Most

This is true that there are countless topics that can be your writing ideas. However, this is very important for you to write things that you are really passionate about. This is because content of the post is something that a blogger should think first before start writing. Well, is there any better way to start with what you like the most? This will help you to easily find something to say before the writing process is started. 

#2. Keep the Paragraphs Short

When you are in high spirit of writing, you might unconsciously write long words and create long paragraphs since you have many things to say. Well, you should keep in mind long paragraphs will lead your readers to get bored and leave the page before they finish. You can write long paragraphs as long as you have valuable information to convey to your blog visitors. 

#3. Avoid Spelling Mistakes

This is something common to make spelling mistakes when writing. However, this is unacceptable if your writing is addressed to public, like the one on a blog. So, make sure that you avoid any mistakes, especially in spelling when writing your posts. You need to be sensitive to mistake in spelling such as form and from, its and it’s, their and there, and more. Your readers might not mind with a few mistakes you make on spelling. However, it will soon annoy them if the mistakes are repeated a lot. 

#5. Proof Read Your Blogs Hours Later

Once you get finished with a single writing, it will be better to leave for hours or days before you post it on your blog. This is because it will not easy for you to look upon the writing with a clinical and cold eye to find any mistake on it. Your eyes will get tired after hours of writing process and your brain can’t easily analyse your writing since it is still fresh in your mind. Thus, leaving it for days or at least hours after it is finished is the best choice. You will easily find writing errors on your text that you missed the first time after it is done.

#6. Proofread Line by Line

So, what is the best way to proofread your writing? Proofread it line by line is mostly suggested. Read the lines loudly one by one to find any mistakes or strange sentences and diction there. If you find it hard to proofread the writing by yourself, you can find an affordable online proofreader to help you.

#4. Use a Grammar Checker Tool

Since your writing is aimed to rad by public, this is very important to make sure that it is free from spelling and grammar mistakes. The easiest thing to find any errors on your writing is by running a grammar check. You can use a Grammar Checker tool that can help you to check any mistakes on grammar in a high level of accuracy. This will make your writing looks professional and convenience to read by your blog visitors. 

#7. Avoid Using “Txt Talk”

Today, “txt talk” is something very common in people’s conversation. However, this kind of language is usually used by people on their smartphones or social media. “Txt talk” is people’s favorite since it makes the writing is easier, quicker, and saves character space. But, interaction by using blog is different from smartphone. The “txt talk” will make your blog visitors hard to read your writing. In addition, your blog will be a public forum in which people from various background will get involve in it. Some of them might think that using “txt talk” will make them think that your writing is less polite.