You try to get among the "best nine pictures" for the selected hashtags, to be displayed a bit longer and to attract more followers. You have to think for yourself how many tags, or even words with the rhombus before, you want to use yourself.

Yes and indeed you should answer a comment and in the ideal case also each comment individually and not as a summary. Thank you for the comments and also like to counter questions to maintain the discussion.

 Instagram evaluates how many interactions you have in the picture. Are the real Instagram followers concerned with the picture or is it rather irrelevant. The more comments you answer, the more people get a more personal connection. Therefore always answer! The faster, the better for the rating of your image.

Who comments a lot and is active, gets back many comments. Of course, there are also spam comments or unpleasant comments that you might not see right away, because you cannot watch your comments every hour. There is a filter for this, which I explained to you in my blog post about the Instagram comment filter .

Only by comments and likes can one notice with others. Other instagrammers will see your reaction and decide if they would like to have you as friends as well. By liking you will notice the users, who look at who the picture also pleases. However, you should still pay a little attention to what kind of picture you then forgive a heart. Texts that you cannot read, for example, should be viewed with a little caution.

Only by exchanging mutual comments do you become important to other instagrammers. Many have become real friends through Instagram friends. Also, one can notice with good comments at companies and brands, which can develop again and again, a further cooperation.

Like Facebook, Instagram no longer displays all the content of our friends, but only the one that Instagram considers relevant to us. This can have a significant impact on the likes of our images when they are shown to a few friends. For this data is collected and evaluated. So far as one knows and suspects, therefore, exactly analyzes who interacts with us. Comments, viewing time of the pictures and videos or Instagram Live and Stories, Likes of the pictures, are therefore evaluated - even if rather large or small Instagram accounts deal with us.

This will evaluate how important we are to Instagram and our own friends. One always sees the pictures of the new friends more often than those of the good old friends. It can quickly happen that you miss and miss whole account at once - or this happens with your account. The more active one is, the higher one stands in the value. For some a curse, for some but also a good chance.