There's never an excuse to back up your data on your devices. Mishaps and accidents happen all the time and when your device fails, you definitely do not want to lose all your data. While you can backup your data to a local drive, it's also prudent to setup redundancy measures in an offsite location. But in cases where this isn't the case for you, recovering that precious data becomes an urgent matter. 

As smartphones become and play a more important role in our daily lives, topics like Android data recovery is a highly searched-for subject. There is an excellent service that lets you do just that from anywhere, any device, and any operating system. It's called: iSkysoft Toolbox Recover (Android). We take a detailed look into how it works and why it will come recommended for you. 

Introducing iSkysoft Toolbox Recover (Android) 

As its name implies, iSkysoft Toolbox Recover works to retrieve as many file types as possible. Examples of that include photos, contacts, videos, messages, and even call history. The tool has been trusted and recommended by millions and has saved plenty of Android and iOS users from all sorts of data loss issues. 

Ease of use and setting up your recovery plans:

iSkysoft Toolbox isn't particularly hard to use, and you don't have to select any settings that require tech knowledge. After you've installed the tool, it will take you through a series of screens to identify and review the data that you want to recover. 

1. Launch iSkysoft Toolbox on your computer while connected to your Android device

2. Select each file type to start scanning your phone. You can choose one or many of these options:

a. Contacts
b. Messages
c. Call history
d. Photos
e. Audio files
f. Videos 
g. Whatsapp Messages and documents
h. Other document files you may have on your phone

After scanning your device for lost data, you'll be taken to the next screen. 

3. Because data is never actually lost - but instead written on top of older data, you can then preview the data you'd like to recover either to your computer or restored back on your Android device.

The full user guide can be found here.

Covering more scenarios: 

Accidents have various permutations, and can be for scenarios where you may not have anticipated. iSkysoft Toolbox caters for these scenarios below: 

1. Accidental deletion
2. Rooting error
3. SD card issue
4. System crashes
5. Water damage

In summary, the tool retrieves back data lost and / or deleted when the damages like the above occur. Steps explained to recover your data will work for these situations, and the interface is pretty user friendly. 

Recovery pricing plans:

First off, iSkysoft Toolbox Recover (Android) is free to download. But as free versions go, it will only give you limited attempts to recover lost data. For unlimited number of attempts, it offers two plans: (i) a one-year license plan for $39.95, or (ii) a lifetime license plan for $49.95. 

They've also got more comprehensive plans that include a suite of tools, options, and features that are a bit more pricey. The interesting selling point however, is that you're able to select features from the entire suite ala carte style to create a bespoke plan that suits you well. 

You can check out the entirety of their plans here

Bonus nugget: 

It also has a recovery tool for iOS devices as well. 


As far as most recovery tools go, they do not necessarily differ entirely from one service to the other. They do however have one of the simplest and basic user interfaces that are extremely easy to use. Lastly, the ability to tailor your pricing plans for longterm use is a unique differentiator from most as well, making it a top choice for data recovery tools. Let us know what you think!