The age of personalization is here. You can find it everywhere from mall hopping to online shopping. It is quite awesome when Amazon and Etsy just “know” what you will love and offer the stuff to you. Even media and entertainment are not far behind in this legacy. Netflix and Amazon Prime are awesome at offering viewers what they would like to watch based on their viewing preferences and user history. The 21st century is a wonderful time to be a consumer, but is it also an excellent time for the marketer and advertiser? 

You should think about overcoming ad-blocking

In 2017, advertisers lost close to $35 million in terms of revenue due to ad-blocking technology. Apart from using cloud-based streaming, users often turn to sponsored content on multiple online streaming platforms. The use of ad-blocking plug-ins with their Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers often blocks video ads that should have played at the beginning or the middle of a video without prompting it to the viewer. These are tricky times for the advertisers indeed. They need to think about innovative ways to bypass these ad blocking technologies to send their message across to the users who might not know all about marketing. At the same time, they need to pay attention to the quality of the user’s experience on the platform. 

Over 40% of web users state that they do not visit websites and video streaming platforms that contain a lot of advertisements. They find these ads interrupting and annoying. They are less likely to buy these products since they associate negative emotions with these brands. It is tough work promoting the brand, product, and services to the target groups without annoying them or compromising their user experience. You need the help of experts with the state-of-the-art technology that can insert your ads to the content like a dream. With ads that fit in with the content choices, users are less likely to feel annoyed and distracted. Your dynamic video advertisement is always less likely to be blocked using plug-ins during online streaming as well. 

It’s time to pay attention to ad personalization

Advertisers are currently seeking new ways to monetize video advertising opportunities. SSAI in combination with cloud streaming gives them the glorious opportunity to leverage the delicate balance between high-quality viewing and monetization of the ad opportunities. The new generation TV OTT platforms are breathing fresh air into sponsored content and advertising during live streaming. They provide the advertisers and marketers with end-to-end solutions that cover all requirements of queuing the ads, stitching them with the content and streaming them seamlessly. The SSAI technologies enable the advertisers to insert their ads on almost all platforms – iOS, desktops, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV and Roku. No matter how sophisticated the platform of your user-base, your ad will be able to penetrate the firewalls and reach the user on time!

What benefits should dynamic ad insertion provide?

The dynamic ad insertion during live TV streaming has several benefits. With the right choice of services, you can expect the following advantages –

Wider acceptance of ads – Most professional cloud-based ad insertion services offer client-side ad insertion (CSAI) and server-side ad insertion (SSAI) as integrated solutions to ad providers. The introduction of personalized ads reduces the consumer's desire to employ ad blockers.

Improvement of UX – Streaming relevant advertisements during live shows, without the loss of information, can improve the audience's UX. It creates a synergistic streaming experience for the audience and video providers. Prompting your target users with product choices relevant to their purchase history and viewing preference can incite buying interest among the viewers.

Personalization of ads – The latest cloud technology for server-side advertisement insertion (SSAI) enables you to uphold personalized viewing experience for the users. It can insert ads whenever the client-side server requests for the ads. With the new cloud-based, dynamic ad insertion during live streaming, you should be able to turn on the conditional black-out or create local adaptation to a network. It ensures complete security of the content.  

Support for multiple ad formats – Your users can experience a new bespoke generation of live TV where the transition between the new content and the advertisement is smooth. You can enjoy the dynamic insertion of DASH and HLS ad formats during the live OTT (HTTP) streaming. There is no interrupted delivery thanks to personalized ad stitching and delivery.

Monitoring metrics and analytics reports – You will also get the entire analytics reports that will help you understand how to target your advertisements better according to consumer-base and platform choices. The integration of SSAI and CSAI with cloud technology enables advertisers to monetize the broadcast process and keep a close watch on potential customers without spending a fortune on renovating their ad server infrastructure. 

In reality, you might not have to migrate to a new ad server, if you are working with an OTT TV platform. You can work with any third-party ad server and upgrade your ad insertion game. You need a renowned ad service provider since they will be able to provide you with the complete metrics of ad CTRs (Click through Rates) and complete watching.