If your website in unable to meet the needs of your customers, you will eventually end up losing significant amount of profits to your competitors. The hosting platform you use could hinder or help in the growth of your company. Going for a Windows VPS hosting can be a good, affordable solution when businesses are looking for some serious growth. There are several benefits that Dedicated and Shared Hosting has to offer which many people may not know. 

Wondering how to know if you need a Windows VPS for your company? Take a look at these ten things to question your website and business in order to figure out whether Windows VPS is meant for you. 

How much does business depend on your company website?
In the last 10 years, a significant shift has been seen in the commerce industry where things have become readily available online. If you want to company to operate at 100 per cent efficiency, you should not think twice before installing a best hosting plan. There are many advantages a Virtual Server can provide to small-sized and medium-sized businesses. 

Is your site’s speed slow when it comes to handling traffic volume?
It is often referred as “High Class Problem”. And the good news is that it can be remedied very easily. Sites with medium or high traffic will be benefitted from VPS as it does not have a problem dealing with traffic demands of several other websites, as seen in Shared server. 

Is your business hosting sensitive data or having security concerns?
Having a VPS plan will offer you the opportunity to keep your data and source files secure, which will not be accessible to other customers. It means that the data collected from your customers will be given complete privacy. A physical dedicated server will also offer the same, but it will be way more scalable and cost effective with a VPS. 

Do you see your business growing fast?
You might not be able to predict the needs of your website in the next three, six, or twelve months, but all you know is that your business is growing. Right now, a Dedicated Server might not be very useful, which may end up constraining your growth at times. With a VPS server, you get flexibility that is most needed for your company’s growth, without having to deal with major monthly overhead. 

Do you have a seasonal business with high demand variability?
During the busty seasons, certain businesses have to deal with increase in traffic. For example, holiday, tourism, Ecommerce, wedding-related, financial services industries are known for having their unique business cycles that offers a sudden bump in traffic during the peak season. VPS is quite a useful solution in these cases as you will be able to add and subtract the extra virtual machines very easily for supporting the increase in traffic needs. 

Is the online contribution to your business revenue more than 20 per cent? 
If the answer is yes, you are a ecommerce company. It indicates that your website cannot afford to be slow or offline as it could make customers lose interest before even making a purchase. Having a VPS plan can help you in giving high performance and 100 per cent Uptime, which will ultimate show up in high sales/conversion rates. 

Do you require a short term need for multiple hosting resources immediately?
In certain situations, you may want a short-term fix rather than a long-term Dedicated solution. VPS plans come with a very interesting scalability option when respect to Disk Space, CPU, and memory. Therefore, you would be able to benefit from On-Demand Resources with the change in demands. 

Can your business deal with slow page or downtime load time?
How much can 10 minutes of successive website downtime cost your business? Do you have the idea of how much your business could lose with a sluggish site? Is it okay to lose such an amount of revenue? Most of the business cannot do that. Therefore having a fully-managed, high-performing VPS plan could be very useful in saving your revenues to avoid such situations. 

Do you feel it is better to use your precious time in enhancing your business rather than taking care of server loads and configuring the hosting environment?
You will find management options everywhere, though it may not be a part of any specific VPS plan. Applied Innovations could help in two levels of management, including several other management services. Therefore, if you plan to upgrade from Shared to VPS, it will help in eliminating the learning curve. When you care it to hiring a Developer or Systems Administrator, A VPS plan will be much cheaper. 

Do you feel you need a Dedicated plan in the near future, but not today? 
VPS plans are portable. Therefore you can transparently and easily move your virtual machine to a Dedicated box. 

Keep these factors in mind as and when your business changes or grows. This will significantly help in determining the need of a VPS plan. If you need one, research more about it and get one that suits all your needs.