As parents, you can’t be there for the entire 24 hours to check what your kids do, especially with their smartphone and gadgets. Your work schedule and your kids’ school timetable are some things that make it hard to find out what your kids have done all day long while they are online. So, will an Android monitoring app be helpful? What tips to help you check your children’s social media activity?

Android Monitoring Tips
Here are some tips to help you monitor the social media activities conducted by your children.

Create Ground Rules
Make sure that you teach your kids that social media is a privilege. However, it does not mean that the privilege is guaranteed right. If your children are able to create their own password, you need to start talking to them that there are rules they should follow. Give them an understanding that the rules are made for their safety. Once they break the rule, you have to be strict to ban the technology from them. Some of the basic ground rules you can implement for your kids include that your kids should stick to their daily limit, and you should have access to their social media platform. Besides, there must not be any gadgets at the dining table or when driving

Tell the Children About Online Reputations and Dangers
Most kids do not know what is allowed to say and share in social media and what is not. Before letting your kids have their own social media, you need to make sure that you tell them about the online reputations and dangers. Make sure that you inform your kids that most people they meet via online are complete strangers and they must not believe in them easily. 

In addition, you also need to make them understand that the internet will make any information spread and shared quickly. Make sure that you remind your kids of the online reputation that they will gain once they post inappropriate messages or pictures in their social media. What they post will be easily viewed by their friends and they should think about the reputation they will shape because of what they post.

Using Android Monitoring App
One of the best things could be suggested to parents is using Android monitoring app to help them track the social activities of their kids. This software is available online and some of them can be downloaded freely. For instance, iKeyMonitor offers a three-day free download version if a user registers a free account on the official website.

What Is the Best Android Monitoring Application to Use?
To give you peace of mind, there are many Android monitoring applications that parents can pick up out there. However, there are only a few of them that can really perform well with the best result and one of them is iKeyMonitor. The application is specially designed to help parents to track the kids' online activities. The application can also be used by business owners to find out what their employees do in their social media. 

iKeyMonitor Android monitoring app can do many things for the users, such as tracking website history, surroundings, call recordings, SMS messages, Geo-fencing, GPS locations, and much more. You will easily find out what your kids chat online since the application can monitor social chats log on Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, WhatsApp, Skype, Hike, and other social media. Now, you will be able to protect your children from any danger caused by social media though you are out of town for work.

As parents, you need to know what your children do, say, share, and watch in their social media. Checking their online activity should be your priority in order to ensure their safety. Using Android monitoring application should be the option you consider to reduce the negative effects of the internet. iKeyMonitor is the best place where you can get the best application to help you check your kids’ social media activities.