Around 3 million kids around the world have been diagnosed with autism. Autism has been defined as a lifelong condition where kids and grown-ups feel so left out that they can’t be a part of social activities. However, as technology has advanced, they have been able to step out of this zone and find more independence. Keep reading this post to find out more!

1. How Theora Care is useful

Theora Connect is one of the most useful tracking devices for kids in today’s markets. It monitors the safety of your kids, adds the functionality of awareness and helps kids who are autistic. Working with Theora Connect makes life a lot easier. It monitors the current activity data and also keeps the historical wellness data analyzed at the same time. The Theora Link is useful when it comes to alert all patients to change the behavior and activity patterns. 

2. Pressure vests
The next thing that is highly trending is pressure vests. They have low tech supports and are useful for those autistic kids who constantly feel anxious and want to just sit, relax and recharge themselves. However, the biggest problem with this vest is that you have to take the item in a way that they function. This can be socially awkward for some of the kids. These pressure vests are also accompanied by an app, the kids will be able to control the kind of pressure they are feeling, depending on what situation they are in. The technology also enables students to regulate in a way that is invisible but definitely useful. 

3. AR Glasses 

Smart glasses are also quite in trend among kids. They help kids with autism around the world. If your kid struggles with interaction, this could help him live independently. Most of the parents who want to develop these skills in their kids tend to struggle a lot but you don’t have to if these smart glasses are with you. It helps your social communication improves emotion-based intelligence to let people know how others are responding and feeling. Over a period of time, the smart glasses allow wearers to learn recognition of emotions and manage all their transitions Says Letstango wearable devices product expert. 

Tips for parents with autistic kids

Before we end the post, we want to help you with some tips that can help autistic kids grow better. If you are a parent, make sure to read this section.

1. Know everything about your kid's health

For this, you have to find out what are the triggers that your kid is facing, what behaviors affect them the most and how you can get a positive response out of them. What frightens your kids or stresses them out? Does it feel uncomfortable or calming? If you know what is affecting your kids, you will be able to troubleshoot the problems and prevent them from situations that cause such difficulties. 

2. Never give up

It is not easy to tell how the disorder will change its course over a period of time. So never jump to conclusions about how your child is feeling or what it is like for them. 

3. Accept your kid

Instead of focusing on your child’s condition and how autistic they are, try to accept them for who they are. You won't be able to change them but you can improve the situation and help them adjust with life better. So enjoy the kids quirks, take note the small successes and never compare your kids to others. Your baby needs to feel accepted and loved more than anything else. 

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