There are so many beneficial advantages when opting to go solar that we would like to share with you. 

Utility bills are a huge expense when it comes to household expenses. Therefore, a lot of customers are starting to look into other cost-effective and environmentally friendly options.

Unlike conventional power, solar panels produce no harmful emissions that can be harmful to the environment. This renewable process involves making use of the sun which is a natural resource. It requires no excavation, locating, transportation or combustion as opposed to fossil fuel power plants

This solution is cleaner, cheaper and much simpler.

Benefits Of Choosing To Go Solar

1. Solid Investment

With most home improvements won’t quite add equal value to your home as the money you’ve spend on doing them. Deciding to use solar energy, on the other hand, will save you money on your utility bill every month as well as add value to your property value if you decide to sell later on. Prospective buyers are willing to pay for a home with a solar system which provides you with a significant return on your initial investment in addition to the money you’ve saved while you’ve owned the house.

An added benefit is that most states have property tax exemptions which exclude the value of a solar panel system from being considered when property valuations are done for taxation purposes. West Coast Solar can help you with the perfect design, plan and installation of your home solar system.

2. Durable

Solar panels do not contain any moving parts which mean they are not easily damaged, lowering the chance of service interruptions. They are designed and tested to withstand extreme weather conditions such as hail or snow storms and high winds. Most systems come with a thirty-year warranty, so if something should happen that will result in damaging your solar panels, then you have this guarantee to fall back on.

3. Tax credit saving

The Solar Investment Tax credit applies to businesses and homeowners for up to thirty percent of the qualified expenses of installing a solar energy system. The expenses include system equipment, labour charges, project preparation and components.

4. Environmentally friendly

Solar energy provides you with a clean and green source option of energy plus an effective way of reducing your carbon footprint. Not a single component of solar energy contributes to polluting mother nature. Apart from needing clean water to function, it uses no other resources, and it doesn’t release any greenhouse gasses.

5. Self-sufficient

By opting to install solar panels on your roof, you are choosing a safe and easy way to ensure a sustainable future, as solar power is the perfect solution to self-sufficiency.

6. Allows you to go off-the-grid

Solar electricity promotes electricity independence, therefore providing protection against unpredictable electricity prices. Solar power derives electricity from the sun which means you never have to worry about a sky-high electricity bill at the end of the month. Once you’ve installed solar panels on your roof, you have officially reach energy-independent status. Your solar battery storage systems can help with storing electricity for rainy days or night time use.