Instagram is constantly getting new users and it’s just a great platform to be one. The huge adoption rate comes from young adults and teens, but even the elderly are slowly becoming a part of this. Yet you have to wonder, how can you grow your Instagram following naturally? Here are some things to consider!

Use only hashtags that are popular, avoid banned ones

Banned hashtags will not help you at all. You want to opt for the best hashtags that you can in order to gain more exposure. Even the simplest things matter here, so you really have to adjust and adapt in order to get the best outcome.

Use a location sticker for stories

The reason here is that it allows you to get some local exposure. It’s never going to be a problem to use it, what you want is to adjust and adapt everything adequately so you can get the best possible outcome all the time. That being said, adding a location tag is super simple and it can bring in front outstanding benefits.

Try less popular hashtags too

This will give you the ability to reach the top section. Just little things like this can do wonders and you might want to check them out. Even the small stuff can help, you just need to tackle everything correctly and it will be a nice experience all the time.

Create the bio you want

The ability to test and change your bio all the time is pretty nice. You don’t have a lot of characters here, only 160. So while the bio has to be short, you do need to make it count. You are the one in control after all, so try to consider everything as you try to get the best experience.

Choose the name wisely

You do need to take your time as you try to figure out the name. It’s a very good idea to opt for keywords in your username. That will make it easier for you to write stuff, so try to consider all the possible options if you can.

Use hashtags that help you get featured on collective accounts

You should try to use whatever option allows you to get featured on other accounts. If you find such an opportunity, seize it as fast as possible and you will be more than happy with the results for sure. Just remember, value is everything, so that’s the most important aspect to take into consideration. 

Create a pod or join one

Pods allow you to increase engagement rates and they do allow you to expose your content to the right audience. Even if pods are small, they are great for exposure and you can be a part of an unlimited number of pods, so try to consider that as you try to get the best possible experience.

Giveaways matter

Giveaways are known for offering a ton of exposure, and you really have to use them because of that. They can give you a great ROI, and the results that you can receive are really good to begin with. It does take a little bit to organize the process, but it will be worth it in the end.

Each one of these methods is designed to be fast, convenient and very reliable. It works extremely well and you are always in control no matter what. That’s why you really need to check out every option. IN the end it will give you an opportunity to grow your audience, and that’s a crucial aspect to keep in mind. Or you can use the InstaGrowing сompany to generate more leads and customers with great success! Our system is professional, fast and very convenient, and it puts you in control at all times!