Undoubtedly, Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency out there and holds the biggest percentage of the global cryptocurrency market under its hood. But, lately, bitcoin is facing issues in terms of speed as well as a transaction cost. Transaction speed, in the case of bitcoin, is rapidly decreasing and a user, sometimes, has to wait for hours to get the transaction confirmed. 

On the other hand, there is no respite to the user in terms of transaction cost as the same is incrementing as well. Any cryptocurrency investor, user or enthusiast will know that the transactions done in a cryptocurrency gets confirmed over the blockchain with the aid and assistance of a process known as mining. A user who participates in mining allows and permits his/her PC’s processing power to be utilized for confirming the transaction in exchange for a substantial amount of crypto coins as a reward. It is needless to say over that owing to the large user base of bitcoin, an immense amount of processing power is required to obtain confirmation for the plenitude of bitcoin transactions happening around. 

Though developers are working consistently to make changes over the blockchain in order to reduce the transaction cost and time; it appears that a complete solution to these issues with the blockchain is far from reach as of now. However, a much better alternative does exist. Welcome ‘Dagcoin’ in the cryptocurrency market which changes the very definition of cryptocurrency. While, almost, all of the cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain; Dagcoin is based on what we know as DAG-Chain. Hence, cryptocurrency, in case of Dagcoin, has moved far away from the concept of blocks and, instead, adopted a directed acyclic graph or DAG. So, how is Dagcoin a better alternative to bitcoin? Read ahead to find out.

How is Dagcoin better than Bitcoin?

Faster Transactions
Mining is not required in case of DAG-Chain for confirming the transactions. In fact, a transaction gets confirmed through the transaction done prior to it and the chain continues. Hence, Dagcoin is about 300 times faster than bitcoin. Moreover, this process ensures that with an increase in a number of users; the performance of DAG-Chain will become even better.

Minimum Transaction Fees
As of now the fees of a transaction done in Dagcoin cryptocurrency is 0.0005 US Dollars. There is no scope of transaction costs increasing in the future as, already said in the point above, the performance of DAG-chain, unlike the traditional blockchain, keeps getting better with each batch of users added.

Requires Minimal Energy
As explained in the beginning the process of mining, in the case of bitcoin or any other blockchain based cryptocurrency whatsoever, requires a tremendous amount of energy. But, in the case of Dagcoin, the reverse is true. It requires minimum possible energy for a Dagcoin to do its task. Dagcoin cryptocurrency is generated without physical mining. 

Extremely User-Friendly
If the blockchain based cryptocurrencies seem too complex to understand then you must try Dagcoin. It is really simple to use. It comes with DagPay and Dag Wallet so as to enable users as well as merchants to send or receive funds in Dagcoin. 

Better investment opportunity
Since DAG-Chain solves the two main problems being faced by blockchain completely and instantly, any cryptocurrency built over DAG-Chain promises a great future ahead. Chances are that blockchain may be rendered obsolete and DAG-Chain takes over the complete picture. Therefore, for those who are looking for a better investment opportunity, now is the time to invest in Dagcoin. 

Solves the Commission Problem
Users dealing in multiple currencies have to pay the owner of a particular cryptocurrency platform in the same cryptocurrency in order to utilize the platform for performing a transaction. However, Dagcoin has implemented a DAG-Chain automatic system for commissions under which users need to keep a single cryptocurrency for paying commissions. 

These were the major points that clearly indicate one single fact that Dagcoin is way better than Bitcoin in many terms and holds a glorious future ahead. Even for those who are just looking to start in the field of cryptocurrency; opting Dagcoin is a much better alternative than going for Bitcoin.