Racing is a sport that entails competition of speed. Racers compete against each other against an objective criterion, mostly a clock or to an agreed point. They try to complete the race in the shortest time possible. Racing involves traversing a specific distance or completing a task in the shortest time possible. Notable racing sports include drag racing, rallying, stock car racing, touring car racing, formula racing, animal racing, orienteering, winter racing, air racing, boat racing, animal racing, air racing and much more. The following are the 5 most interesting forms of racing.

This is a form of racing whereby the competitors find their way across rough country. Normally, the runners are equipped with a compass and a map. The mode of travel requires specific equipment and tactics. Certain rules are put in place and also there are guidelines for orienteering event logistics as well as course design. The benefits of orienteering include sharpening your skills for decision making, one time outdoors for the betterment of your physiology. It also improves vitamin D levels among participants. Better still, it increases your cardiovascular capacity and brings about a state of physical and mental balance.

These racing competitions normally take place during winter. There is skiing, snowboarding, speed skating, skating, sledding and much more. Before going out on a winter ride or race, you must ensure that you are well protected.

Nonetheless, as a racer, you also should ensure that you are as efficient as possible and not allow weather conditions like cold or rain to affect your performance. Winter racing builds your mental toughness, increases your physical stamina and can help you build a stronger and tougher body.

Animal racing is part of animal sporting events. Commonly used animals, such as dogs and horses, are trained to take part in sporting activities. While animal training is crucial, selective animal breeding also plays a major role.

Other types of animal racing include pigeon racing, camel racing, mule racing (especially in California) etc. People love taking part in these races and can even try their luck at winning some money in the process. With the advent of the internet, going to the racetrack to watch your favourite horse win is no longer necessary. Globally trusted online betting service offers a safe and secure place to indulge in these passions from the comfort of your own home.

This is one of the most specialized motorsports that entails airplanes or other aircrafts which complete a specified course. The winner is determined by either returning the shortest time, one who comes closest to a previously recorded time, or one who completes with more points. The first air race dubbed as “heavier-than-air” was held on May 23rd, 1909 in Paris. It comprised 4 pilots who entered the race, only two started, but none of them completed the whole distance. The rules were clear; the one who traveled furthest would be the victor. Leon Delagrange covered slightly more than the rest and was declared the winner.

Today, there are a lot of institutions that train pilots and interested parties on air racing. These institutions try to highlight the new, as well as the innovative work that is done in the development of the high-performance kit built airplanes.

Boat racing entails the racing of boats or other craft on water. This sport has its roots in ancient Egypt where the boat races were powered by oars. There are three broad categories of boat racing depending on how the watercraft are powered. For instance, there are self-propelled boats, human-powered, wind-powered and motorized boats often referred to as powerboats or motorboats.

In calm waters, boats can travel at 80knots per hour, which is equivalent to 150 kilometers per hour. In choppy waters, it can travel at 90 kilometers per hours. In 1978, Ken Warby, went to Blowering Dam, Australia and broke the 480km/h as well as the 500km/h record with a speed of 511km/h. To this day, Warby’s record still remains unbroken.

Racing sports are exciting whether, on air, water or land and are thrilling to take part in, either as a racer or spectator. Nowadays, racing sports are a billion dollar industry that rakes huge chunks of cash, by day or night via the internet or in person.