The demand for high definition and 4K videos from various sources such as the Internet, hard drives, local Ethernets and more, has been rising exponentially. As a result, it is becoming equally important to keep the prices of these videos in check and ensure that customers are able to afford it at all times. Not only this, it is also necessary to keep the process simple and refrain from introducing any complexities. 

Video over IP is one of the best methods to combat this situation. This transmission method is based on IP giving users an opportunity to for a flexible approach in their workflows. Video over IP is a method that promotes media production with new possibilities. Routing video towards any direction at the same time, when it has been paired with data, audio or with power becomes immensely useful. Video over IP is now being widely used in all parts of the world. Almost every facility, building, and location is equipped with Ethernet running through it making for an easy installation and simply way to manage video. It is this type of quick availability and use that makes Video over IP more inexpensive and affordable to all. 

Best encoding system

Before knowing what Video over IP is, it is important to understand its overall purpose. Usually encoders are employed in order to convert a camera feed into an IP stream in order to perform several functions. Encoders are often utilized in post-production and live video. It, thus, becomes essential to be clear in your requirements before selecting the best encoding system. 

Low latency and flawless performance

Consider having a hardware encoder if low latency and high performance are the prerequisites. This is because the hardware encoder is able to perform quickly and with greater reliability. These encoders run for 24/7 and require minimum effort to manage and maintain them. The only limitation of these encoders is that they offer less flexibility. These devices are not programmed or made to undergo upgrades with time. The general expectancy of their life is somewhere lies between 5-10 years. 

Flexibility and cost

If you are worried about the constraints of future-proofing, manageability, cost and flexibility then a software encoder will be the best option, which is a general-purpose CPU. This software encoder has the ability to perform the functionality of a Server or a Personal Computer and works best for video format support. These Video Over IP solutions present far many benefits than the price in which they are offered to customers. 

To select any Video Over IP solution it is imperative to gather your requirements in order to select the most appropriate one that could efficiently satisfy them. Every day brings out the newest of features and upgrades that only improve these solutions and increase the customer dependency on such devices. The key benefits that come along with Video over IP include increased flexibility, improved reliability, lesser cost, less maintenance and management and enhanced functionality.