With B2B Marketers allocating 23 % of the budget to content creation and 53% considering content marketing as their top inbound strategy, it is safe to say that content is king holds the same magnitude of relevance that it did up until now. The race to create and post viral content to enhance page ranking has led to a generation of several misconceptions  about content marketing, believing which, marketers, unknowingly are damaging their brand reach and reputation:


Whenever someone starts a new business, their first instinct now is to gather maximum audience on social media platforms. If you think that only organic search and paid marketing are sufficient to enhance your visibility, then you couldn't be more wrong. Social Media is one of the most critical and influential marketing platforms that there can be. Instead of considering it a futile effort, we suggest you leverage the most out of it. 


If you think that the audience and consumer’s of this generation won't notice sales pitch, let us help you burst that bubble. Your consumer can sense a sneaky promotion within seconds into your content reading/viewing. Your brand should be able to connect with your audience. The content you put-out should leave a mark on the customer’s perception. Your content should add value to your consumer's life and resolve their issues.  


Yes, lengthy content has been the traditional way to boost brand’s ranking and engagement, but creating long pieces of content can also be counter-productive. If strategize right, small content can also enhance page ranking. Writing more extended content poses the threat of driving consumers away from the websites. 


The effectiveness of your content marketing strategy depends on numerous factors. Aside from the conversion rate, how successfully will the content resonate with your targeted audience depends on various metrics like demographics, visitors, click-through rates, etc. 

Content marketing is deemed successful when it is reciprocated. With the objective to attract, engage, convert and retain consumer, content thus created and marketed must be able to add value to the life of the targeted audience. What you need your targeted audience to know should be put out clearly and must be consistent with your brand’s goals. Marketers need to aware of purchasing behavioral pattern of their audience, how the organization in competition is leveraging the latest trend to expand their consumer base etc. There is no sure-shot recipe for a perfect and viral content but being well-informed will help you stay ahead of the curve and enhance your brand’s reputation. 

You need to be judicious as well as meticulous while formulating and implementing your content creation as well as marketing strategy. Whether you are a business owner or a marketer, it would be in your best interest if you hire a Hubspot Certified Inbound marketing agency to help you with useful content marketing, website design, search engine optimization at an affordable price.

Why are we suggesting you hire a Hubspot Certified Inbound Marketing Agency?

Because not only will it save the time and money, you would be otherwise spent on a “hit and miss” approach but because the quality of work and output would be a result of insight from inbound marketing experts and the added advantage of Hubspot agencies having direct access to the inbound resources.