The introduction of external media storage devices such as memory cards and USB sticks has been accompanied with the potential loss of data. Thankfully, with the best SD card recovery software, you can retrieve your lost/deleted data in no time. 

There is plenty of free data recovery software out there and others offer paid versions. Some software will even perform memory card repair after retrieving your lost data.

In this post, we’ve shared these 3 free data recovery software versions which are effective and safe to use. 

We settled on the 3 after we tested them on several occasions where we permanently deleted all files on the memory card and hard drives of the computer and then we did a deep scan to retrieve all the files.

1. Recoverit Free
Recoverit Free is also handy free data recovery software that will retrieve your lost/deleted data effectively. It can retrieve data lost due to hardware damage by virus, accidental deletion or formatted data. 

Regardless of the cause of the loss of your data, this software will get back recover files from memory card. 
The good thing about Recoverit is that you can use it to recover data of varied types such as video, photos, music and more.

Why we like Recoverit free data recovery software
It can support the recovery of data lost due to accidental deletion, virus attack, system failure and more.
It can recover different types of data including emails, photos, music, audio and more from different types of storage media.
It is a safe data recovery software.
Can recover files from memory card, flash drive, hard drive and more.

How Recoverit Works
You first need to download and install Recoverit SD recovery software on your device and plug in your storage device whether an SD card, hard drive or any.

Start the software and choose data recovery mode.
Ensure your external storage device is attached to the computer and then click NEXT.
Select the device where your data was lost and click START to start scanning for the data.
The software will start scanning to locate your deleted/lost data. It will continuously display a preview of the recoverable data after the first scan. If no data is display, you can re-scan again via the All-round Recovery mode.
Once the software completes scanning, you can have a look at the recovered files and click RECOVER to retrieve the data.

Important: Once you’ve completed the data recovery, save the data somewhere else and not on the damaged memory card, since doing so may lead to overwriting of the data on it.

2. Any Data Recovery From Tenorshare
Developed by Tenorshare, Any data recovery is one of the best SD card data recovery software out there that has earned the trust of thousands of users worldwide. 

This software will retrieve data such as music, photos, music, documents and other file types from a handful of storage media such as memory cards and more. 

This means that even if you want photo recovery from memory card, this software will do it for you.
With this software, you can:

Retrieve deleted/formatted/lost data from Mac or PC.
Get back data from memory card, hard drive, and removable sticks.
Perform card data recovery safely.
Recover files lost due to virus attack and power failure. 
Get a preview of the deleted data before retrieving them.
Get full support for Windows and macOS and more.

3. Recuva
Recuva is a popular memory card data recovery software that is developed by Piriform which is 100% free. Recuva will restore your lost data regardless of whether you deleted it from a hard drive, memory card or a USB stick. 

It will also recover data from your camera or phone. Whether you want to recover photos, audio, and video, Recuva will do that for you so you don’t have to worry since you have a helpful partner when it comes to data recovery.

You will need to indicate the types of the files lost and then start the program to start scanning. The good thing about this software is that you can have a preview of the recoverable data before retrieving them. 

Once the scan is completed, you can save the revered data on other storage devices and not the same device you recovered the data from. Although this is paid software, you can still use the free version of the program.

Why we recommend Recuva free data recovery software
Can retrieve a variety of data including audio files, photos, videos and more.
Can retrieve data from formed disks.
Easy to use.
It performs a deep scan to recover data.

Take Home Message
Although there is plenty of free sd card data recovery software out there, we’ve found these three to be effective and safe to use. 
Also, we’ve found that some claim to be free but when you’ve installed it and you want to use it. When you reach the point of recovering your lost data, you are requested to buy a license. 

We hope you will be able to choose free data recovery software from the above-mentioned and use it any time you lose your data.