Folders have various uses, but their primary purpose is to hold printed materials and keep them secure and organised. We usually make use of folders when we have presentations, and we use folders as hand-outs as well. You can use folders for holding brochures and leaflets at conferences and trade shows, and you can give them away to interested customers and clients. Folders have a lot of varied uses, but if you are planning to order customised folders for your business for whatever purpose, you should know a bit more about the different sizes available and which are best for different printed materials. Here's your essential guide.

Standard sizes explained 

Folders come in two standard sizes: the A4 size and the A5 size. These sizes follow the ISO (International Standard) 216 classification for printed materials, and the standard paper sizes are called the ‘A Series,' hence A5, A4, and the like. With this standard classification, people around the world can quickly identify the paper size they need and order or buy it from any shop or supplier.

More on the A4 size 

You may already know that the most common paper size is the A4 size since it's the size which you will often find in the average office copier and printer. Since it is so familiar, many of us refer to it as copier paper. The A4 size is handy and is just the right size for written reports, forms, and letters. It is the standard size set for printers and the standard size set for word processing tools like Microsoft Word when someone wants to write a report or letter. In other words, as soon as you open your Microsoft Word tool to write something, it will automatically be set to A4 size.

The measurement of A4-sized paper is 210 millimetres in width by 297 millimetres in height or 8.3 inches by 11.7 inches. If you order an A4-sized folder from a printed material supplier, the A4 folder is for holding A4-sized paper. That means that the folder is slightly bigger than an A4 sheet, so the folder should comfortably hold A4-sized standard paper. 

More on the A5 size

The A5 size, on the other hand, is also commonly used by many. A5 is ideal for different kinds of printed materials such as brochures, flyers, and notepads. The standard A5-sized paper is about half the size of the basic A4, and it measures 148 millimetres in width by 210 millimetres in height or 5.8 inches by 8.3 inches. What's interesting to note is that an A5 sheet's longest edge has the same width as an A4 sheet's shortest edge.

A5 folders are highly useful as well, primarily since you can use them for folded up A4-sized sheets of paper, such as flyers, small posters, or brochures.

When you are planning to order A4 or A5 folders, make sure they are sturdy and compactly-built and designed. For customised folders, make sure your chosen logo is prominently displayed, and choose colours, fonts, and images which can complement your brand and image as well. 

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