Traditionally bingo is a game of chance and luck were randomly selected numbers are drawn by the bingo caller and players match those numbers to the one they have on their bingo cards. 

The only real difference between the traditional form and the online form of this popular game is the appearance of the caller. Online bingo uses an RNG (random number generator) to pick the numbers instead of a person, in fact the only real difference is that everyone is online rather than at a bingo hall.

Even though bingo is a game of chance and luck there are still a few things you can do to potentially increase your winning odds.

• Your chances of enjoying a win will depend a great deal on the number of cards in the games and how many cards you are playing. This works out like this: In a game of say 1200 cards and you have 12 cards your chance of a win will be 1 in 100

It therefore makes sense that the more bingo cards you have the better odds you will have of winning more often. 

• Remember to check the price you are paying for each bingo card and also the prize pot

Different games have different sized pot amounts as each pot is determined by the amount of players who have bought into the bingo game, and also how many cards they bought.

• Remember to read the cash out policies of the bingo site you are visiting to make sure that you can cash out using that bonus.

This is where reading the small print is important as it would be awful to win a jackpot only to find you are not allowed to cash out and put into your bank simply because you had not read the small print.

• Remember to tick the box that says 'Yes, I want to receive the Newsletters and emails about promotions and bonuses.'

This will keep you up to date with the promotional offers that offer bigger prizes and those special prizes and offers that take place during the day.

• You are not allowed to have duplicate accounts. These are accounts that are started by the same person or come from the same IP address.

Check to see if you are allowed if there are separate bank accounts within the same household if sibling want to play at the same bingo site. You can play by depositing funds with your mobile such, pay by phone casino billing is very popular with people on the go. Duplicate accounts can also be created accidentally by joining 'sister' sites and it is possible that it's not until a player wants to cash out winnings that they find out they have been playing on a duplicate account. It is up to the player to make sure they are playing to the rules of the bingo site. If unsure a handy email would solve problem.

• Understand what the playthrough rules are as different sites use differing amounts

Understanding how many times you must play bonus money before you can withdraw any winnings makes a great deal of sense, so again reading the rules of the site you are playing at is important.

• Check out what Chat Etiquette is required

Usually any chat etiquette is pretty simple. No negativity, be nice to fellow players, and even if you are having a down day yourself remember to treat others in the way you would like to be treated yourself.