For an e-commerce business, the website is the first and only tool to showcase the products to customers. In a brick and mortar store, the customers come inside the shop judging from outside first. 

Similarly, in e-commerce, they make the first impression from the landing page. If it doesn’t appear appealing to them, they don’t venture further, and all exercise done so far by SEO services in India in driving them till the landing page goes futile. Here are a few tips on how to make the landing page perfect to generate high-quality leads that e-commerce store deserves.

Customer Should See Value 

The perfect landing page is one where a customer can see value not just in monetary terms but also in terms of trust and reputation. They should get the feeling that they have arrived at the right place for the product that they require. You can further strengthen their trust by showing that you are always available to them. So, include your email address, phone number, and a live chat box to resolve their various queries, including that of merchandise. 

Place the Right Content 

If you hire a web design company in India, it will make sure that the right content is placed on the landing page. Most people focus on blog content, but the landing page content is equally important. The content on the landing page should be in line with what products you are offering and how they are different from and better than others. There should be short and precise content lines highlighting the basics that should appeal to your customer base. Adding a product video increases the chances of a sale, so include a short one made of high quality.

Is Your Website Getting the Right Traffic? 

If you have roped in professional SEO services in India, they will definitely help in generating leads. It is also important to see if the leads generated are of the right kind. There are tools that help in analysing what type of traffic is getting generated and how. Any good SEO company will deploy all the relevant tools and help you get the right kind of traffic that will result in increased sales and revenue.

Make It Hard to Leave Before Buying 

A big chunk of people who arrive at your website may back out without purchasing. The most probable reason for this back-out is the lack of answers to few of the questions that come to their mind on your landing page. Few of these questions are:

Do I really need it right now?
Am I getting the best price here or should I try other sites too?
What if the product is not up to the mark?
Should I trust this brand/company?

If the web design company in India that you have hired to design takes a step to answer these queries right on the landing page, you are more likely to get many converts.

The landing page should contain information about:

How will the product make the life of the consumer easier?
There should be a limited time value incentive that is hard to pass, which will motivate the person to buy upfront. 
It should have either details or a link for easy return policy, which provides trust to the consumer that the product is genuine. Also, if he or she doesn’t like it, they have an option to return it easily.

You would have streamlined other pages like the payment and the checkout page so that your customers don’t find any trouble there. The point is that if the customer is not impressed by your landing page, then the whole exercise of getting the subsequent pages streamlined is of no use. Those pages won’t even see the light of the day if your landing page does not succeed in engaging the customers and motivating them to venture further. Thus, follow these tips and get the landing page perfect.