As a student, you probably have some financial difficulties from time to time. We’ve all been through it and have a special place in our hearts for those years. Some of us were struggling, others found creative ways to earn money. 

The recent years showed us that the price for education had no intention to decrease. If it continues this way, more and more students will find themselves pressed for money. Is good higher education truly a benefit that only the wealthiest of us can explore? Not at all. Young people have always been and will be resourceful and they will fight for what they want to achieve. If you lack money during your college years, why not earn them? 

But how to make money as a college student? Many people think it’s impossible because they always find excuses. You don’t have enough time or qualifications? Nonsense! You just don’t want to think hard enough about it. There are plenty of ways to make money as a student and most of them are available to anybody with ambition and determination. 

Here, I’ll share with you a few tips on student jobs. Among them, you’ll see both online and offline offers, so everyone can pick what suits them the most. For example, have you known that the best way to make money online is found within question and answer services? This may be an unexpected place for most people, but it surely is an effective one. Q&A may be a regular tab on your browser that helps you to set things straight, but you don’t know everything it’s capable of. 

Interested in some other ideas? Why don’t we uncover them one by one and see what works best for you? 

Freelance writing and blogging

Do you think you know everything about the Internet? You can’t be more wrong. You don’t know even half of the opportunities this huge web gives. Even as a student without years of studies and experience, you face dozens, if not hundreds, of job opportunities. 

For any student, online jobs are the best choice. Most often, they are not bound to set working hours and you can take full advantage of your free schedule. You can easily make money from home!

The most obvious and fruitful choice is writing. If there is one thing that most students know how to do, that’s it. There are hundreds of opportunities for a person with decent writing skills. Do you know another language? You can try those translation offers that are open to students. If not, hone your native language skills and get to work.

Remember me telling you about Q&A websites? This is where your writing may come in handy. You can ask for a freelance job and do homework for students at one of such services and help people to find solutions to their problems. 

Another way is to create your own blog and monetize it. Have you ever wondered how it would be to share your thoughts with other people online? Create content that would be interesting for them? It feels awesome and rewarding. This is the best combination of fun and work anyone who loves writing could wish for. 


There is one more idea for you—Amazon. This a versatile platform with lots of opportunities. You may try publishing a book on Amazon, which is probably easier than you think. If you’ve always wanted to write a novel or a short story but don’t know how to distribute it, this is your answer. 

In addition, you can try various “click tasks” offered there. Such quick cash jobs don’t require any special skills such as writing does and are almost exclusively taken by students. If you are from the U.S., you can always become a part of Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. Most often, it requires mindless mechanical work and welcomes a free schedule.  

Another option is Amazon home services. Think about something you are good at and list your services on the web page. You’ll create your own schedule and be your own manager. 

Video blogger

I’ve already mentioned creating your own blog and writing it. However, modern trends are all about video blogging on YouTube and other social media. This is your way to become a celeb. Nowadays, social media stars are just as popular as actors and singers. Your income may not be the highest at first, but once you find your theme and audience, you have a potential to earn thousands of dollars a month. This seems like easy money for most people. Well, if you know what you are doing, it can be so. You don’t have to spend the standard 8 hours a day to get your first salary.

However, be ready to get acquainted with many new apps and software programs that will aid you. Professional equipment is also a must, especially when you have thousands of viewers. Surely, it will all come in time when you are already a bit famous and earn more. 

In addition to YouTube, consider Instagram as an option. Both platforms are generous when you have a decent subscriber base. However, what works the most is the combination of both services as the audiences are a bit different, as well as the content.

Online sales

Selling is everywhere nowadays! Well, this is a consumer age—no surprises here at all. This may not seem like those real online jobs where you have a fixed salary, but a student needs something else. Something that would bring them money and leave plenty of time for studies. To my mind, selling suits all those criteria. 

First of all, remember that you are a student. What do you have in abundance? Your school papers. The old ones can be stored somewhere in a dark corner of your room, but there is a much better fate for them. You’ll be surprised to hear how many people would want to buy your old notes, provided that they are done neatly, of course. The same is applicable to your college papers. If you are sure of their quality, you can make decent money if you sell them. 

All of us have certain things we don’t use anymore but never throw away. This is your chance to get rid of some old burden by selling the stuff on such services as Craigslist, eBay, Amazon Marketplace, and so on. Some old games, DVDs, consoles are the most popular. Just make sure you set a fair price. 

Crafts are another popular category on various marketplaces. While this option is not for everybody, if you are great at DIY, don’t be afraid to set a decent price. Crafts are always more valuable. 

Part-time jobs

While the online market is full of offers for students, the regular part-time jobs are being somewhat neglected. Such side jobs as a waitress, babysitter or delivery person are often abandoned in favor of easier online careers. To my mind, you cannot disregard something that has been a source of student income for years. This way, you may get an official employment offer and have something more to add to your CV in the future. Besides, you get to communicate with people and stay active. To my mind, this is the prime time for an active job. You are young and full of energy! 

It doesn’t matter what you deliver, food or rare objects, you get paid and keep working after school. 

If you are good with babies, babysitting can bring one of the easiest money in your life. Usually, kids go to bed early and the rest of the evening is yours. You can just relax while doing whatever you like or studying for college thus saving your time. 

All in all, there are so many opportunities for students to earn extra money that it would take days to describe all of them. This is just the top of the whole pile of tasks that are usually offered for students. Some of them are more trivial and mechanic, others can be a start of your successful career. 

Young people are full of energy and creativity and it’s the best time to use them to the fullest. If you have a couple of hours a day to spare, why not use them to improve your financial situation? Become an independent person who can afford to spend their own money. 

Statistics say that young people who take at least a part-time job during their school years have better career options after the graduation. You get great experience alongside money and some new skills. You don’t have to overburden yourself and leave no time for fun. Remember, this is just a side job for some extra cash. 

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