Ever since sim unlocking of phones became legal, either through carriers or through a third party source, people have been requesting codes to unlock their phones in droves. With Samsung’s latest S9 feat (read: expensive yet durable), let us tell you how tounlock Samsung Galaxy S9 and gain control over device without any interruptions from the network provider below.

Why unlock your Samsung Galaxy S9?

While there are still some people who are naïve enough to ask the reason why, let us tell you why sim unlocking of your Samsung Galaxy S9 can actually help you to use the device without any carrier restrictions.
As mentioned above, it allows you to gain full control of your device without any interruption from the carrier. Usually, network carriers tend to raise the price of your device at the time of purchase by locking the phone to their service for a two-year period or so as mentioned in the contract. 

This prevents you from adhering to a local sim while travelling. Instead, your sim service provider will actually charge you huge fees by allowing you to use the phone internationally through its partnered service providers. 

You can also sell your phone without any decrement in its value as it won’t be tied to a specific service provider. 

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S9 through your carrier:

Network service authorities don’t allow the carriers to give away precious information through which they might lose a client. However, there are scenarios where the carrier might actually help you, and provide you code to unlock your phone. Please contact your service provider and ask for the unlock code.
Unlock Samsung Galaxy S9 through a third party unlocking service:

The method mentioned above is easy and worth every buck you spend on the phone’s purchase. However, harsh reality – network providers don’t tend to help you with the ordeal, which is why we have mentioned an alternative below.
People usually refer to third party unlocking services online such as Codes2unlock that can do the deed for you for a slight fee as compared to the big bucks mentioned in the service provider’s contract. 
Give the IMEI Number of your device to a third party service provider:

1) Switch on your Samsung Galaxy S9.
2) Enter the following digits and dial *#06#
3) The home screen will flash a 15 digit number that is actually the IMEI code of your Samsung Galaxy S9.
This IMEI code is like the yellow brick road to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S9. All you have to do is to provide the IMEI Code on to a third party service website, and have the experts unlock your phone without any hassle. They will provide an unlock code which you will need to enter later while following instructions.
Unlocking instructions for Samsung Galaxy S9

1) Switch the phone off and remove the sim card as well.
2) On switching your phone back on, the device will prompt you with a screen that will require a code to proceed.
3) Enter the 8 digit code on your device, and power it back off.
4) Enter the new sim card, switch the phone on, and voila – enjoy a brand new network package without any restrictions. 

Why IMEIUnlocking is a safe and reliable method?

IMEI Code unlocking is actually a safe and reliable method due to the following three reasons:
1) You let an online third party service provider take care of your headache for you.
2) You don’t have to go to your network service provider and hand them your set and give them the opportunity to fumble with your hardware.
3) You also don’t have to go to a third party source that claims to unlock your phone only if you leave your set for a day or two to find out that your hardware has now become corrupted. 

The IMEI Code Unlocking method is foolproof and guaranteed to set you free of your network provider.