Lately, HVAC technology has improved vastly. The new HVAC systems are more energy-efficient and easy to maintain. The heating and cooling systems not only employ advanced technology to regulate the temperature of your house but they are also eco-friendly. Basically, they are worth spending your money on. Initially, these systems may appear expensive, but wait until they are in operation. This is when you realize how cost-saving they are.

Here are some of the new HVAC technologies that are worth the money:

1. Advanced Fresh Air Systems

These HVAC systems are designed to lower the contaminant levels in your house such as dust, pollen, spores, and mold fast and efficiently. The systems facilitate ventilation without spending much energy. The HVAC system features two pumps; one for pumping in clean air and another for pumping our stale air.

2. Ice-Powered Air Conditioners

In these systems, water is frozen in a tank overnight and used to cool the house the next day. The air conditioner can cool your house for 6 hours consecutively. Once the cooling is done, your house is heated using your conventional AC unit.

3. Ductless HVAC Systems

These systems are known to remove stale air out of the house faster with very minimal power consumption. The HVAC system is characterized by an outdoor pumping unit for removing contaminated air and an indoor unit for pumping clean air inside the house.

4. Thermally-Driven Air Conditioner

These systems are a good alternative to the electrically-driven ACs. They are essentially powered by solar energy but you can also use natural gas. These HVAC systems are installed by United Trades and so, you can contact them if interested.

5. Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal pumps have been around since the 1940s, and may not be considered to be a new technology. However, with more homeowners shifting to green energy sources, the pumps’ popularity have up surged.

During heating, the geothermal heat pumps derive their power from the earth through underground pipes. During cooling, the pumps suck the warmth away from the house by channeling the hot air to the ground. In doing so, the systems are able to facilitate the efficient cooling of the house.

6. Dual-Fuel Pumps

Popularly known as hybrid heat pumps, these pumps are ideal for localities with moderate climates. A dual-fuel pump features a furnace that heats the house during the cold season. The pump can be powered by natural gas or manually in the absence of the gas. Although the pumps may cost you more than the traditional systems, the amount that you are likely to save over the years more than makes up for the initial costs.

It is interesting to speculate about the future of the HVAC technology. However, only time will tell which units make the cut and catch on with most users.  When scouting for new HVAC technologies that are worth the money, consider the above options. They are a revelation of how HVAC technology has changed for the better. They will not only save you energy but also money in the long run.