It is, without doubt, evident that SEO has had a massive impact in the internet world today, so much that emerging website owners are already informed on techniques like keyword SERP tracking to give the ultimate SEO value to their site. Additionally, useful tools have come up, such as the social network checker that allows web owners, bloggers, small business owners as well as large enterprises check whether the content they share on social media have an impact on their overall digital marketing strategy, and it is affecting the overall ranking of their sites.

The tech space is randomly adopting new changes which literary requires digital marketers and site owners to always be on the lookout to learn new information. 

While some SEO strategies in 2018 are an upgrade or emphasis on the already relied on techniques, developers and marketers have brought in some newer ones. Consider these 5 firsthand actionable SEO techniques that will work great for your site:

Discover Untapped Keywords
Reddit is a site that is gaining a lot of attention in 2018 and can even be considered as the first page of the internet for the fact that is it a keyword mine spot, especially on finding long tail keywords.

If people are talking about any topics on Reddit, preferably in your industry of operation, chances are they are searching for those same terms in Google.

Optimize for Google RankBrain
Google is ranked as the best go-to search engines across the world, which means if Google is intrigued by your website, a larger part of the population also is. 

The Google RankBrain is a new trend quickly picking up in 2018, which is Google’s first machine learning algorithm that basically measures how a person interacts with the results on the first page on a website. With the frequent changes that Google makes on its operational algorithm, optimizing a site for Google RankBrain will give you an upper-hand for Google to correctly index the site and rank it higher.
To optimize for the RankBrain, ensure that:

You improve your organic click-through-rate – the more people are clicking on your site and posts, the more likable your content becomes to RankBrain.

You decrease your exit/bounce rate – if people tend to exit your site in a very short time, it communicates that the user experience is not admirable, and RankBrain will definitely pick up on this sign and rank you lower than you ought to be.

Update, Upgrade and Republish Old Blog Posts
If your site has been in existence for some time, chances are that there is amazing content that did not receive the readership it deserved. Review the posts on your website and consider updating, upgrading and republishing some of them, mostly on the few days you have not had time to create a new post.

The trick is to incorporate newer information and findings around that topic, even to lengths of adding links from other relevant posts from other site owners. The skyscraper technique almost always works well for republished old posts, when properly done.

Source keywords from your competitors
While your competitors might be whom you seek to beat in the business world, in SEO, your competitors can be your friend. Search for random or exact keywords that your competitors have already been ranked top for, and figure out content that will blend in with those keywords.

Find a competitor that is doing well on search engines, because not all competitors are worth competing with. Analyze different sites to understand why certain sites are always ranking top, then mirror their strategies, chiefly keywords, which is reverse engineering sites that already have a good grip of their audience.

Maximize sharing your content
The internet is a highly communicative space which means that literally, anyone can be an advocate for your post. Maximizing the sharing of your content allows for people to widely circulate the information to their different circles, which is not only an ideal way to source for traffic but also a way to obtain backlinks for your site.

When other sites are vigilant is siting your content and linking to your site, search engines will pick up on your site as people grade your content higher in the credibility rank.

As necessary as SEO is to websites, it is not an easy concept, and can at times prove to be hectic to stick by. The good news is that people have done it before, and there is always a lot of research being done to keep you updated on all changes. Consider taking up these 5 tips as an upgrade to your SEO techniques for better site ranking.