Donorbox is a WordPress plugin that enables you to receive a donation from the donors easily via several payment methods including Apple Pay, Stripe, and PayPal. It supports many currencies so that the donations are basically coming from all around the world. 

To make the process more secure and transparent, you can also ask questions to collect the data from the donors.

How Donorbox Works

The Donorbox plugingives you the ability to create donation form faster and more optimally to your WordPress site. It is important to know that the payment from $0 to $1,000 is free per month. More than that, the cost is lessened from the contribution up to 1%.

Donorbox comes with a great list of features. There are receiving text feature that can be customized, the description of donation feature that is integrated to the Sales force and MailChimp, and still many more. Interestingly, the plugin is used globally so that many language features are available here. It is including Spain, French, German, and Italian.

Steps to Find the Donations through Donorbox

Of course, not all the donors want to donate their money if the donation program is not valid. That’s why; using trusted donation platforms like Donorbox is suggested from the beginning. First, after using Donorbox as your donation platform, start a project. Explain the project as details and specific as possible. 
The project can be charity, product launching, or other creative programs. The message must be clear to encourage people to donate their money.

Second, suggest people how much money they should donate. Yes, it is only about suggestion so that it is no matter if those people give less or even more than that. The number must be reasonable with the project to be worked on. Third, make sure to prepare other things needed like the account to receive money. Integrate it with your Donorbox account. 

Fourth, its better to have atimeline so that the timeline must also be socialized to the donors. Interestingly, the closer to the timeline, people are commonly more interested to donate their money. Of course, you should make another reason to ensure people. The reason must be related to the project, not the requirement given by Donorbox.

Benefits of Using Donorbox to Receive Online Donations

For both the donors and receivers, Donorbox is indeed beneficial. In this page, there are some benefits, especially for the receivers. What are they?

First, it is valid and secured. Donorbox is official so that you should not worry about your activities here being illegal. Many people use this plugin to find donations as their contributions for disaster’s victims, nonprofits, and more. So, don’t be doubtful to try this WordPress Donation Plugin. Second, there are also many donors who trust Donorbox. Therefore, the ways to find the donors are easier. Lastly, the steps are quite easy. Although there are requirements, they are reasonable and not too complicated.