You know you work long shifts or with busy schedules and according to that, you would surely going to miss one of your meals. Accept that, people live a busy life and hardly have time to cook, serve and eat peacefully. Just look at yourself; aren’t you always on the go?

Well, with the advancement in the technology, now there are several apps that can help you fill your stomach. Numerous food delivery services have popped up in recent years and they are thriving on public demands. You can choose food according to its types with the whole visible menus. Everything would be absolutely well organized and in addition, online service like Bitesquad provides discount coupons to make your food more affordable.

Here are some of the food delivery apps to make your busy life a bit smooth:


Grubhub is believed to be one of the most renowned food delivery company with its services spread across the nation. It feeds people of more than 1300 cities by taking order for various 75,000 small and big restaurants.

In the entire Unites States, it is said that there is no bigger platform to deliver your deliciousness from your desired restaurant than Grubhub. You open the app with its confirmed address and can see all the nearby food outlets at one glance only. If you need to order food for group, this can be your best choice. iOS or Android, it goes well with both.

Uber eats:

Its entry in the food delivery game kind of shook the business world but it is doing pretty good and deserves a place here. It has been know for transporting you from one place to another and now it picks up and delivers food to its customers. Both of its services are still affordable.

The app provides a list of nearby popular restaurants form which you can order your favorite food. If not, it also shows other running restaurants open to take orders in your area. Its admirable search functionality allows you to narrow down your search for your convenience.


Food is the major concern here but, Postmates does not limit you there. You can order anything from late night food to special gifts at the last minute, electronics, clothing, cleaning supplies as well as alcohol. Plus, the entire delivery network is handles by Postmates itself.

Often times delivery charges go higher when you order your meal. Nevertheless, this company has come up with an excellent solution for the same. You can pay a small fee on monthly or yearly basis. It is minor charge, a moderated rate of fee. The unlimited membership provided by the company saves you form dreaded increasing price rates.


Another emerging service for superior food delivery is DoorDash. It launched only a few years back and still you can see over 110,000 menus of numerous restaurants in hundreds of cities extended across the country. Moreover, the map still continues to expand daily.

The home page of the app allows you to browse through the currently famous menus as well as newly added restaurants and dishes. Once you decide what you want to order, it lets you customize your order as per your likes and dislikes. Works great on both the operating systems, iOS and android.

Eat 24:

Eat 24 is widely popular for meeting all the aspects of the delivery experience and thus, no more screwed up orders. It is described as ‘a food truck in your pants.’ It is available for more than 20,000 restaurants in over 1,500 cities and still new ones are being added.

It has a feature of “what’s good” which picks out the best dishes based on the popularity and local reviews. Thus, if you are going to try a new restaurant, you do not have to think much of what you would eat there or which is the most famous dish? It also remembers your past preferences that saves your time whenever you open the app to place your order.

Try any of these apps and surely it would not disappoint you. Instead of going to the restaurants, now you can save more on ordering food online. So, what are you waiting for? Order your meal online and enjoy your door-step delivery.