Technology has been advancing at a rapid pace and the progression has reached to an extent where the entire mechanism of operation of street lights has changed. We are living in an era where solar energy is becoming a norm. 

Solar street lights are powered by photovoltaic panels which are mounted on lighting structure. It has been growing immensely in popularity due to the multitude of benefits offered. Many states have considered this option as a permanent alternative to conventional street lights. 

Here are the 5 compelling benefits of solar LED street light:

1. Saves energy and cost

There is a lot of emphasis laid down on becoming more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. This awareness is increasing on regular basis given the scarce resources. Relative to conventional street lighting, solar street lighting utilizes solar energy which is a renewable source with zero consumption of any type of fuel. This also allows to save money in the long run as there is no need to pay ongoing electricity charges. 

2. No cables

Traditional projects that are pursued by commercial institutions establishing street lighting system are complicated and complex procedure. It involves setting up of cables which further needs a lot of labor. Equipment such as transformer and switch boards can cost a considerable amount of money. Solar lighting can prevent such a heavy investment. There is no need for cables and electric equipment saving money on the labor as well. In a nutshell, it is a cost-effective investment in the long run. 

3. No interdependency

This is one of the overlooked benefits. Conventional electricity means that there is a high level of interdependence. Having a complex system of cable connections mean that if one area is affected then it will have a negative impact on other areas as well. This is not the case when it comes to solar lighting. Each system is independent from others. This means that it is easier to tackle issues when a problem occurs with the power generating system. 

4. No cable theft

There are some remote areas which are not covered by commercial power. This means that the cost for laying cables and entire installation of electricity is incredibly high. Additionally, cable theft is a possibility as well. The whole power supply goes down if this happens. A solar lighting system entirely eliminates this issue. Each and every lamp is not dependent to each other and free from all sorts of cable connections. Since there is no cable to steal, it wouldn’t impact operation of the overall unit. 

5. Intelligent control

Solar lighting systems are technologically advanced that are controlled automatically by in-built units. There is no need to operate it manually making it an economical and safer option. The entire construction process saves a lot of time and is easier and simple. It requires less maintenance which further helps to save significant amount of money. 

These were some benefits, however, it is important to ensure the quality of solar panels before installation.