In this modern world where everyone is concerned about global warming, recycling has become part of everyday life but not everyone is recycling all they can as many do not recycle heat and that is one form of recycling that can actually save them money.

Saving Money

Although when we recycle paper, glass or other materials, we may be helping to save CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, it does not really save us money but if we were to recycle heat, it would. Today heat can be recycled by using a heat recovery ventilation system and these are designed for use either industrially in large industrial complexes or for use in the home. Energy, mainly heating costs, account not only for a large portion of an industrial budget but also a large portion of a home’s domestic budget and as fears of global warming grow, many are being prompted to replace their heating or ventilation systems with newer, more efficient systems. This can of course be expensive but there is now an alternative which not only save money but can also go a good way to helping to save the planet. That alternative is a heat recovery ventilation system.

Ventilation System

A heat recovery ventilation system is not designed to take the place of your existing system but rather, is designed to augment it. Today there is heat recovery systems designed for use with almost every other, older, ventilation system and they have been designed to use the minimum of extra space, fitting into already existing spaces, such as ceiling voids or cupboards. 

Heat Recycling

A heat recovery system includes a heat exchanger and the system will take the outgoing, heated air from the exhaust ducts and direct it to the heat exchanger which will then use that expended heat to heat something else, such as clean air brought in from outside. This can not only help to control the temperature of the air in a building with minimal cost but can also be used to heat boilers or other industrial appliances, making savings in production costs also. 

Initial Cost

The initial cost of a heat recovery system, as it is an addition to an existing system, is not as expensive as replacing a whole new ventilation system, plus needs a minimum of maintenance. Perhaps the world leader in heat recovery technology is Exodraft who have provided systems in over 40 countries and according to them, most of their clients have recouped the cost of the heat recovery system in less than 2 years by the decrease experienced in energy costs. A typical ventilation system may expel 80% - 90%of the heat produced and by the recovery system reusing most of that; real savings in energy costs of 15% - 20% are common place. 

Home Use

Of course the largest savings will be made by industrial complexes but even so, the savings in a regular household can be of equal percentage, making the system a very financially sound investment, especially if it means the replacing of an existing system is no longer necessary. The companies, like Exodraft, which install these recovery systems, will advise their clients as to which the best system is appropriate for their existing system and will give estimates accordingly.

Reusable Energy

Obviously renewable energy is also becoming popular but unfortunately, as most of the reusable energy options are still in their infancy, their purchase and installation can still be very costly. This means that whilst reusable energy such as solar energy may be a viable financial solution to global warming at some time, that time is still probably many years in the future and so the recycling of your current heat or energy is perhaps the most financially sound way to meet the global warming threat today.