Posters have been playing very important role since their inception. It serves multiple purposes, from being a mode of expression or being entirely used to enhance visual aesthetics. Such mediums are used to convey a message or as a decorative piece. Platforms like can be used to purchase creative posters. 

Whatever the reasons are, nailing or duct taping posters on the wall cannot only leave marks on the surface but may damage the poster on its removal as well. If you want to prevent any kind of potential damage, then are some poster mounting solutions.

Before beginning

Here are some general tips that one must follow before mounting posters. It is important to note make sure that your hands are clean. Clean hands ensure that there is less residue when poster is removed from the tube. Moreover, wall preparation is an important step as well. Clean it properly and special attention must be paid over areas where removable adhesive will be directly placed. Also ensure that wall is not painted recently or else it would leave visible marks when the posters are taken down. 

Mounting solutions

1. Even though this may seem strange, but many of us are not aware of some products that are specifically designed to mount posters without damaging or marking either the poster or the surface on which poster will be mounted on. Double-sided removable tape also known as poster tape is just the right thing to use. Just make sure that the right kind of tape is used and all the surfaces are clean. Choosing the wrong poster tape will ruin the entire process.

2. If this double-sided adhesive is not available, then magic tape can do this job with immense ease. Regular scotch tapes are tacky. Magic tapes easily detach from the poster and makes mounting a lot easier even after months or years of usage. However, climate plays a major role. One of the biggest advantages of using a magic tape is that it is almost invisible on all smooth surfaces. 

3. Even though this may seem a dumb idea, but toothpaste can be used to attach posters on walls for a few days. Cheaper options are generally the better ones. Don’t use any additional whiteners as this will only make it more difficult in adhesion. 

4. There is a multitude of other options as well that can be used to hang posters safely. For instance, tacks can be used rather than poking a hole through the poster. Slide binders and binder clips can be used as well. Heavy-duty mounting tape is another option that can hold objects safely. 

The bottom line

Here were some of the solutions to mount the poster in the safest manner. However, this is not an exhaustive list. There is a multitude of other ways as well that can be utilized in order to secure the posters more effectively. Once can even come up with DIY ideas for better adhesion.