When learning about forex trading, you can choose to either start by taking the direct approach or the indirect approach. With the direct approach, you familiarize yourself with the core aspects of the trade. With the indirect approach, you mainly focus on the alternative side of the trade in general. Both the direct and indirect approaches are necessary to be a great trader. Among the vital issues you can learn about when focusing on the indirect approach are the things to avoid in forex trading. The following are the 7 things you must avoid to succeed in forex trading.

1. Inconsistency

Inconsistency is an issue that brings many traders down. Inconsistency includes changing the strategy too much. As noted by Admiral Markets, only a few strategies are needed to be successful in forex. Having random changes within a short period of time is bad in forex trading because the market itself is quite dynamic. When inconsistency in strategy is combined with the volatile nature of the market itself, there can only be failure and dormancy. 

2. Poor management of funds

In order to succeed in forex trading, you must be a good manager. Managing your funds involves setting identified limits and also deciding how much you should invest in any particular trading session. Poor management can quickly deplete your funds and leave you in a vulnerable position. Beginners usually have a hard time creating proper management standards. You should take your time to create a standard which you must stick with at all times.

3. Using too many strategies

Another key mistake that traders make is the use of too many strategies. It is very easy to be overenthusiastic when trading in the forex market. Everything seems so easy and attainable and this illusion misleads a lot of amateur traders who tend to create multiple strategies. Too many strategies not only consume too much time but they are also harder to track and unmanageable. 

4. Making rushed moves

It is common for a lot of investors to make rushed moves especially when they are following market news. Sometimes, a huge development occurs which is shown in the media. Forex investors identify an opportunity in the development and make moves based on it. This strategy works sometimes but not all the time. It is advisable to wait long enough instead of rushing into decisions based on trending news. 

5. Failing to identify the barriers

Every business has barriers that must be identified from the onset and then broken. The forex trading business is particularly full of barriers. Some barriers are unique to each trader while others are common in the whole business. The most important thing to do in the early stages of your trade should be to identify the barriers that are especially unique to you and develop solutions. Doing this can give you the opportunity to focus on strengthening other aspects of the trade and leave you with a better chance of success.

6. Taking an emotive path

Being spirited is not a particularly bad thing when trading in the forex market. In fact, most traders rely on both their ability to use logic and emotion. Emotional management is, however, a skill that must be honed by every trader. Emotions can quickly leave you with a blurred vision and make you incapable of achieving the set goals. You should thus not only manage your emotions but learn to completely embrace pragmatism at the moments when it is required.

7. Poor planning

The forex market is quite demanding and without a proper plan, you will definitely fail. You need a plan for managing the daily affairs of the trade. Your plan must, for instance, include all the tools that you will use for the trade. You must identify the software, create solid goals and have a solid mission to lead you all the way. Doing this is the only way to avoid the many pitfalls that await traders in the forex market. 


The forex market is quite exciting and rewarding for traders. The benefits of the market can however only be reaped with a proper plan and consistency. There are so many mistakes that traders are likely to make and the most important are listed above. Avoiding these mistakes among others is the only way to gain success when trading.