We live in a dangerous world. People get kidnapped, go missing or fall victim to various crimes every day. In the UK alone, a child goes missing every 3 minutes while the number of elderly citizens who wander off is in the thousands. With this being the case, parents and family members have every right to be concerned about the well-being of their loved ones. To put this into perspective, 275.000 British people disappear every year. 
One of the people who go missing can be your child or your father who has a cognitive disease. The very thought of them being alone in an unfamiliar area is more than enough reason to frighten people. It’s a nobrainer to take all the necessary precautions to ensure their safety. It is not all bad news though; we live in an age where technological marvels enhance the quality of our lives and help us with the most desperate situations. 

GPS tracking technology is an excellent example to these technological wonders; it was introduced to the global markets in the 90’s, and since then the tech companies have been working tirelessly on GPS-based applications and devices to improve their capabilities. Personal security has been an area of interest for the tech firms for so long and thanks to them; we now have gadgets that can tell the exact location of a child down to a few meters or sensors that can tell us if a family member is injured and requires aid. Personal GPS tracking technology has advanced to a point where we can use it as a definitive solution to all of the security concerns regarding family members. For people who are not familiar with the GPS technology, tracking devices may still seem like a futuristic gadget, but personal trackers are user-friendly, lightweight and effective. So how does such a small device that weighs only 60 grams can do all that?
Well, for starters, due to being an extremely popular and lucrative market, personal tracking devices are the new “it” thing. The popularity caused a rapid development and led to the creation of prominent tools such as a panic button, geofence zones, and live tracking. These features can be used for different purposes but ultimately having the ability to locate a person in a matter of seconds or receiving a smartphone notification when a child leaves the school makes personal tracking solutions one of the best security systems in the market. Personal tracking devices use GPS satellite systems to provide users with the precise location of an individual; this allows real-time tracking a person by using a computer or a mobile device. Any concerned family member with a smartphone and access to the device can monitor the whereabouts of a loved one and make sure they are where they are supposed to be. Tracking someone’s location in real-time gives a person the chance to notice any irregularities such as a child leaving the school district early or straying from the playground without informing their parents. 

Not everyone has the time to keep an eye on family members constantly, but as expected, GPS has a solution for that as well. Fences have been widely used as a means to improve security for hundreds of years and now very much like them Geofence zones allow the user to create virtual barriers around specific locations for surveillance purposes. The tracking device alerts the designated contacts everytime it enters or leaves one of the preset zones. These zones can be anywhere on the map; a school, a playground or a nearby house a family member frequently visits. Geofence zones or as they are more commonly called “safe zones” are a great way to be informed about unexpected movements and rush to their aid in case there is an emergency. 

Parents of younger children, caretakers of elder family members, husbands who worry about their wives; every single person with a loved one wants to ensure the well-being of them. GPS tracking devices may seem intrusive or invasive at first, but it is a necessary security measure to keep them safe and stay informed about their situation. Parents no longer have to worry about their children when they are out having fun on Halloween or visiting a friend, or an elder family member visit a nearby relative. Personal tracking devices can be small, but their sophisticated technology provides all the protection needed.