IM or Instant Messaging has been one of platforms that have completely revolutionized the way we communicate. In fact, this is a mode of communication that has brought a new meaning to the everyday interaction. Having influenced the personal communication space ever since its launch in the 90's, the concept has been able to grow to prominence in the business world as well. 

We all know the importance of Instant Messenger in our day to day lives, but it should be worthwhile to note that the concept has been picked up by the business community as well. How effective and different is the Instant Messaging platform when compared to the traditional modes of communications? We will analyze the benefits offered by Instant Messengers for each of the traditional modes. 

Benefits of using Instant Messenger for your Business
As has been quite a well-known fact, Instant Messengers have been quite practical when it comes to the business communication as well. There have been a host of entrepreneurs and professionals using IM and reaping higher benefits. The IM service providers have been offering a few platforms that are business friendly and offer you the best means of a secure communication. 

What are the factors that would put IM as a beneficial option as compared to the other modes of communication available? 

Instant Messengers vs Telephone Calls
Well, many businesses still prefer phone calls for business communication. It may serve the local businesses quite suitably. However, with the growth of the business that has moved beyond the chosen boundaries, relying on instant messengers would be more practical than going with the traditional phone calls. 

Moreover, the phone calls have stopped being advanced. The new generation considers it quite old fashioned. The Instant messengers have not remained confined to the chats as in the past. You can make international calls that are affordable enough with exceptional call clarity. 

The traditional phone calls tend to be quite expensive even for the local calls. 

Instant messengers vs Email Communication
The benefits of instant messaging are not limited to voice or video calls alone. They offer you an excellent real-time communication option. That would be something in sharp contrast to the Email messaging which does not provide an efficient real-time access to your communication needs.

The instant messaging would make it easy to opt for an informal way of sharing information. You do not need to create your messages into multiple paragraphs, thus letting you focus on the content rather than on the format. Yet another advantage that Instant Messenger would offer you as opposed to the Emails is the ability to send larger files. Emails impose a few limitations on the size of attachments, while Instant Messengers do not come with any such limitations. 

Instant Messengers do come with a host of features that would not be available on the Email providers. Some such standards would be Group communication and security. The instant messengers designed especially for the Enterprises offer you excellent security and encryption services. The protection against information leak should be one of the features that would be a great feature. 

Instant Messengers vs Face to Face Communication
Well, face to face communication is what has always been considered to be the best to keep in touch with the people who matter the most. In fact, the current lifestyle has been resulting in moving away from our loved ones. It was this kind of communication that has always been preferred either for business or personal communication. 

However, instant messaging will reduce your costs considerably when it comes to the lack of communication face to face. You would be able to keep up with face to face communication, thanks to the video call feature that offers you an affordable solution to having a face to face communication. You can easily exchange the photos of some special occasions. 

When it comes to the business communication, Instant Messengers can be the best as it would help you stay in touch with two or even more branches of the company. The communication can be as effective as a face to face communication, thanks to the global reach of the Instant Messengers. 

The Advantages of Instant Messengers in a Nutshell
The connectivity options available with the Instant Messengers would indeed be quite essential and trustworthy as an efficient and capable communication system. It is a perfect real-time communication standard in its own right. In fact, as the experts put it – it is the best way to put multiple people on the same page simultaneously so that they can have a one to one and conference call – both at the same time.

It can also act as an augmentation option for the traditional modes of communication like email or face to face communication. It would offer you an all in one communication option for all your needs. It achieves this by streamlining different channels of communication like text, audio, visual chat and other shared virtual communication. 

The Concluding Thoughts
Business IM is one of best ways of communication and thus can be much helpful in collaborating multiple teamwork options. Some of the practical team solutions that Business IM solutions offer you include chat rooms, video chats, and screen sharing options.

If you are looking for faster communication between teams and an enhanced business relation - it would be a perfect idea to opt for Instant Messenger solutions and to be more precise, Enterprise solutions of Instant Messengers.