Instagram is one of the fastest growing marketing platforms in the current day and age. Businesses of all kinds and sizes are utilizing this medium to market their products and services in an effective and efficient manner. From using Instagram stories to ads, there are limitless opportunities for marketers on this platform. 

However, the competition is tough. The results will not be fruitful if Instagram is not used in the right manner. Even though many platform like DigiSMM can help with Instagram strategy, this article will guide small and big businesses on how to begin with this platform in order to acquire the benefits. 

Setting up an account

Setting up a business Instagram account is easy. Here are the steps that needs to be followed:

1. Download the Instagram application from either the App Store for iOS, Google Play Store for Android or the Windows Phone Store for Windows. 
2. Sign up with an email address. 
3. Find settings within the application and switch to business account. 
4. Add in important information such as address, business hours and phone numbers for the business account.

It is important for business to optimize the account by adding relevant information in the username and bio section. Also make sure the profile picture is relevant to your business objectives and goals. 

Set up business goals

Instagram efforts must be driven by a specific set of business goals and objectives. What is your business trying to achieve through Instagram? For instance, businesses can increase product sales, brand awareness, customer satisfaction and drive more traffic on their website by using this platform. Determining your objectives will help in making good strategies. 

Content strategy

The ultimate objective of most business owners is to get more followers on Instagram to deliver their message to as many people as possible. Many tend to buy likes through platforms like DIGISMM while one can even develop a proper content strategy in order to enlarge their follower base. Here are some tips to follow:

1. It is important to determine how often you will post content. Also consider its timing. Have an organized schedule. Having a well-drafted marketing plan for Instagram will help you market the products and services in a more effective manner. 
>2. Choose quality over quantity. Business profiles are not at all recommended to flood their accounts. Rather post quality content. Customers will only follow the account if you have something of value to provide. Use filters and other tools on Instagram to enhance the quality of the content. 
3. Follow a certain niche. It is imperative to decide what kind of content you will focus on. Just don’t post anything randomly. For instance, a clothing brand can showcase clothes and a restaurant can post about food. 
4. Get creative with your content. No one likes boring accounts. Be ready to impart content in an innovative manner. Incorporate your own creativity in the posts to help your business in the long run. 

Here was a complete guide to small and big businesses to run their Instagram profiles. 

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