ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a set of practices, mentioned in detail, for IT Service Management (ITSM) that focuses on and aims to align the IT Services with the needs and requirements of the business. As of now, it is an industry standard and a best-known set of guidelines for the support as well as the management of IT Services.

ITIL is published in the form of five different volumes with each volume covering a varying part of the ITSM lifecycle stage. ITIL contains the detailed description of processes and methodologies which can be applied and used by an organization for establishing an alignment of the organization’s way of working towards the achievement of organizational agendas and aims.
Are there any prerequisites for ITIL Certification?
Not at all, the foundation level certification hasn’t got any kind of pre-essentials, but, the ITIL Foundation Training itself acts like a pre-essential if you have further plans to take on the next level ITIL certifications. 

Where can I opt for ITIL Foundation Training Certification?
The ITIL Foundation Certification Training from Simplilearn teaches you all the basics of IT Service Management and the key elements, methodologies as well as the language and nomenclature used in the ITIL service lifecycle. 

If you are considering an ITIL Certification then you must go for it as ITIL Certification is one of the top five certifications for getting a good job in IT industry. Moreover, the ITIL Certified Professionals earn about 50% more as compared to their non-certified colleagues. 

Following are some of the reasons that you should go for ITIL Certification:

Major Reasons You Should Get an ITIL Certification

Higher Pay Scales
As already mentioned above, if you are an ITIL Certified Professional you will be earning well beyond the salaries of your non-certified colleagues. ITIL Certification is listed as one of the highest paying IT Certifications. 

So, if you are not getting a good opportunity to showcase your skill-sets in your current IT Job, you must invest your time in getting an ITIL Certification as the same will give strength to your resume and can even land you the dream profile you are looking for. 

Increase your skill-set

If we talk about the levels of ITIL certifications then they can be divided into five different stages as defined below:

Stage 1: ITIL Foundation: This is the entry-level course that will help you to get knowledge of the general terms and concepts as well as the nomenclature employed in the ITIL Service Lifecycle and its related stages. This foundation level certification is a pre-requisite if you want to go for the higher stages of ITIL Certification.

Stage 2: ITIL Practitioner: This is the certification which has been added recently. Its main focus lies on using the concepts of the ITIL framework and applying them in the everyday scenarios that you might face at work.

Stage 3: ITIL Intermediate: This level of certification explains the concepts of ITSM in much more detail. You can term this stage as a deep learning one.

Stage 4: ITIL Expert: If you reach up to this level of certification then you must congratulate yourself as this certification is highly valued in the IT Industry.

Stage 5: ITIL Master: This is the last level and here you are provided complete, consummate as well as comprehensive information of the rules and methodologies of ITIL and various other supporting procedures. 

Now, you must have understood that if you achieve any level of certification, regardless of the stage, you are, definitely, adding a lot under your current skill set making you a highly valuable asset for the organization in which you are working.

Get preferred over others in the hiring process
ITIL Certification gives you the much-needed ability and confidence in your skill sets. This ability and confidence which you will acquire are enough to impress the persons who have come up to take your interview for hiring. 

The ITIL Certification ensures to your employers that you are a lucrative asset and you would have no problem even while training as you will be able to grasp the organizational level practices in a much better and efficient manner as compared to your non-certified friends and colleagues.

Get your dream profile
If you are certified in the higher levels of ITIL then you needn’t go through the process of joining as a low-level candidate and later on, by showcasing your skills, rise up in ranks. 

The recruiters, on the very first day itself, might ask your needs and requirements. This is really good as you can opt for your dream role and profile and get a handsome amount of salary from the very beginning.

Since by getting ITIL certified you can go for any position ranging from IT operation roles to strategically demanding roles, you acquire a lot of flexibility in terms of choosing your profile. Now, this provision is not enjoyed by your non-certified friends and they have to rely on the organization itself to provide them a suitable profile.

The reach of ITIL goes beyond borders
ITIL is present almost everywhere around the globe. Every industry which depends upon the services of IT, considers, recognizes and implements ITIL. 

Hence, if you are worrying about stalled growth in the IT sphere then ITIL Certification provides you the much-needed amount of space to grow within the industry. 

The demand for ITIL certified workers is rapidly increasing. 
Involves less risk

We all have times in our current career that we look back and evaluate as to what we have missed. Sometimes we opt for doing a master degree along with or go with a certification to enhance our skills.

But, this is a risky prospect as you might end up wasting your time in doing something that is of no use in your current position. But, investing in ITIL certification is never a bad idea, regardless of your current position and role in the job which you are pursuing.

Hence, I hope you can understand now the importance of ITIL Certification. So, don’t waste your time filtering out multiple certifications to choose one. Straightaway go for the foundation level ITIL Certification and rise higher to upper levels.