The Impact drill is an amazing power tool that comes with great range of features. These drills are used to make holes into different objects like ceramic walls, concrete, wooden part, and so on materials. 

There are various cordless drills available in the market that you can use to make holes on different objects. 

They are wireless that doesn’t require any cable connection to use these machines. They come with lithium ion rechargeable batteries that are used as portable machines. 

There are number of cordless drills available in the market that you can use to make holes. These machines come with different frequencies like 12V, 14.4V, 18V and 20V (20v drills are recommended) for most of the jobs. These are used for both residential and commercial works. 

The 20v Cordless drills are mainly used for the commercial purposes as they have highest power, torque and speed. These drills are widely popular among power tools that are best helpful machines for the commercial works. Here are top three 20v Cordless drills that you can get more benefits from. 

Top 3 Best 20v Cordless drills: 

1. DeWalt 20V Cordless Drill:

The DeWalt is one of the top producers of cordless drill in the industry. They come with Lithium-Ion battery with the extended warranty of 3 years. This cordless drill has wide range of features among all other tools. Check the best dewalt 20v cordless drills on

They have RPM (Rates per Minute) 2600 which is extremely high when compared with many other cordless drills. 

The Rechargeable batteries give extended battery life to the machine that greatly works to improve your work. They have 600 Torque powers that you can greatly make changes in your work with this high level of Torque power. 

This power drill gets the user ratings of 4.7/5 which is very high to a cordless drill. 

2. Makita 20V Cordless Drill:

Makita is also the leading producers of power drills in the industry. Their machines are used in different sectors like manufacturing, construction, automobile and etc. The Makita company products are durable and long lasting with their unique features. It can take one hell of a beating. 

The Makita power tools are also greatly used as best machines in different sectors. They come with great range of advantages with most popular features. They are famous with their user requirement benefits. Hence many people are trying to use these tools with their wide importance. 

3. Bosch 20V Cordless Drill:

If you are looking for the strongest cordless drill, then the Bosch 20v Cordless drills are the best choice for your requirement. They are stronger than all other power tools and also heavier than other drills. 

The commercial drill machines should be stronger as the people use them for heavy works. 

The 20v Cordless drills are used to make holes in the heavy rocks, iron materials, concrete walls and hence should be stronger to make required holes. 

The Bosch machine works with great features in the list of stronger power tools with best user ratings of 4.6/5. Hence these are the top 3 best 20v Cordless drills in the industry.